Visconti-Sforza Tarot: February 23 – 29

Visconti-Sforza Tarot: February 23-29 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Did you know that the Tarot tradition as we currently know it actually originated in Italy? The Visconti-Scorza Tarot cards captivate me in an eerie way. The hand painted images date from the mid fifteenth century.

Some authorities actually believe that this is the true and original tarot deck! These cards weren’t originally used for divination or meditation but for gambling card tables. Maybe that’s why they have no Tarot titles as we know them. But their images and message are clear and classic.

So, you and I know differently about what they were used for, and, for those of us interested in ancient art and Tarot this is the deck to die for.

But who created it? Well, we simply don’t know. For me, that makes it even better.

Tip the tea pot, draw in a deep breath, and concentrate on what you most need to know.

Let’s see what it tells us about the week ahead!

February 23 – Sunday

The Chariot

This card is saying your life is on track as of right now! It may involve a move of either job or location. Stay open to new love and opportunities because you’re going somewhere else, whether you realize it or not. Keep your head but don’t be afraid of reasonable risks.

Balance intellect and desire in an important situation that comes up today. By controlling the reins of both parts of you, you’ll reach your destination.

February 24 – Monday


Don’t be afraid to grow and transform, because opening up is going to land you on higher ground. Dump what isn’t working. This energy applies to career and love situations today.

You may feel unity with those who have gone beyond this realm. Listen to voices that come to you if they speak love.

February 25 – Tuesday

Wheel of Fortune

Go with the flow because it’s in your favor today! Remember that when you feel at the bottom of the pile the wheel of change will ultimately bring you to the top again. Good luck is working for you today, whether it seems like it, or not.

You don’t have to make an extraordinary move toward success. You are caught up, in a good way, in the spokes of this beneficial wheel.

Enjoy the ride and have fun!

February 26 – Wednesday

Queen of Cups

Intuition rules today. An insight that you have without even trying will shatter a stuck situation in a relationship that is important to you. It could be in the arena of work, friendship, or your home.

Let empathy flow. A friend’s kitchen plaque read: When you deal with yourself, use your head, when dealing with others, use your heart. I would add: Use your heart when dealing with yourself, too.

Tenderly understanding yourself helps you extend the same thing to someone else today.

February 27 – Thursday

Six of Wands

Hold your torch high today. You may end up a leader! Freshness and bravery is required of you. It seems this is the theme of the whole week. The guides are reiterating this theme for this entire cycle. You will be celebrating a victory if you are clear and proactive.

February 28 – Friday

Six of Coins

Charity is coming your way today. It’s not always money or tangibles. Generosity is extended just at the right time. Good karma is returning itself to you today.

Keep an open mind and a grateful attitude. Love is all around you today.

February 29 – Saturday

The Moon

The moon shown here is a crescent, not a Full Moon. Something is growing in your heart that will be developing over the next short space of time. It could be a child, a love attachment, or just more emotion in your life. You let it in now.

The figure holding the Crescent Moon could be an angel, but most likely is an ordinary woman. She is in a plain dress and is barefooted. She is contemplating a movement on the edge of a cliff. She wonders, “Should I take this leap of faith? Should I invest more deeply in this love?” The person is you. The answer is “yes.”

A Fun Spread to Try: The Celtic Cross Spread

This is probably the most used spread in the world, and that is because it has stood the test of time. You can do a version of it using just Major Arcana cards, but we’ll use the whole deck in our version today.

Shuffle the deck thoroughly, breathe deeply, and concentrate on what you need to know. Don’t be surprised if Spirit gives you all that- and more with this spread.

This is a ten card spread and its nature is very predictive!

While concentrating, select ten cards from the deck and lay them out face down as follows:

Card one is in the middle. Card two is horizontally crossing it. Card three, above one and two. Card four to the right of one and two. Card five, below one and two. Card six, to the left of one and two.

Cards seven, eight, nine, and ten are laid out in a vertical line, starting at the bottom, with card ten ending up at the top of the line.

Turn the cards over, one by one, and read them sequentially, one through ten.

Card One- Your present position

Card Two- Immediate influences surrounding the situation

Card Three- Your destiny in this situation

Card Four- The foundation of this issue in the distant past

Card Five- Recent past events in the situation

Card Six- What and who will influence the situation in the near future?

Card Seven- How do you feel about the situation and how much choice do you currently have here?

Card Eight- Which people and outside factors will influence what happens here?

Card Nine- What are your secret fears and wishes? Will they stay the same?

Card Ten- What will be the final result?

Thanks for diving into the Visconti-Sforza with me today! See you again.

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