So You Wanna Date a Sagittarius?

Aiming for adventure
If you love the outdoors and despise the unpredictable, you’re in for a treat with Sag. Above all else, The Archer is an adventurer. She is athletic, eager to challenge herself and always up for a spontaneous weekend or unexpected thrill. She’ll take you camping, skiing, bungee jumping and hang gliding. She’ll try new languages, distant countries and exotic foods. Don’t worry about being left behind; your Sagittarius will be open to your interests, too. For the Archer, every unexplored territory is an opportunity.

Chatty and charming…usually
Sagittarians are gifted conversationalists and are more than comfortable entertaining a crowd. Their generous stores of adventures means they’re seldom at a loss for engaging stories, so don’t expect to endure long silences or dearth of conversation. On the downside, their eagerness to entertain can mean they speak first and think later, if at all. When he’s on a roll, a Sagittarius may blithely spew tactless, sometimes offensive comments without apology, so you may want to rethink inviting him to the company holiday party before you’ve been assured of his discretion. Also, be aware that his witty nature makes the Sagittarius quite the unwitting flirt. He seldom means anything by it and may even be unaware of his charm, but his flirtation can be destructive all the same. The Sagittarius is fiercely independent by nature and can’t tolerate the jealousy or possessiveness his disarming behavior is likely to provoke.

Focused and flighty
When the Archer targets a goal, she’s in it all the way…until she’s ready to aim for something new. Her driven nature often leads the Sagittarius to great success in her endeavors. Expect a fiercely optimistic success story, who will nonetheless crave recognition for her accomplishments. While the successful Sagittarius can come off as arrogant, she is also sincerely generous and will likely share both the details and the rewards of her success with her mate. She also has a tendency change aim without warning. It doesn’t matter that she’s just achieved a record-breaking promotion or finally making headway on the year’s biggest account, when the Archer is restless, her wandering nature compels her to move on.

Fair is fair
The Archer is imbued with a firm sense of fairness and an imperative to distinguish right from wrong. This means you can expect him to be an advocate for fairness rather than for himself (he’s unlikely to argue his case if he knows that you’re right), but it can also make for a partner who is rigid in his beliefs, judgmental and even preachy. Their need for an established code of ethics lead Sagittarians to strong religious, political and philosophical beliefs, and there are slow to let go of ideas once they’ve adopted them. If your own views differ from those of the Archer in question, don’t expect an immediate meeting of the minds; it may take a while for him to respect or even understand your point of view.

The Archer in love
In relationships, expect sincerity, generosity and optimism. Honesty is of supreme importance; The Sagittarius will always be upfront with you and will expect nothing less in return. The Archer’s generosity, spontaneity and enthusiasm make for a wild ride, but her flaky nature can lead to short-lived passions that burn brightly, but sputter suddenly. Her footloose nature and his drive to succeed mean she can easily become an absent or inattentive mate. And despite her charisma, it’s not uncommon for the Archer to have difficulty expressing affection. While she can be flirtatious, the Archer is not a natural cheater — it would violate that sacred sense of fairness and honesty. However, if a Sagittarius says she’s not interested in anything serious, listen to her. Sagittarians resist commitment, thirst for new experiences and tend to take (and mean) everything at face value. She may seem wholeheartedly dedicated to you, but if the Archer says she wants to date other people, too, she probably is.

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3 thoughts on “So You Wanna Date a Sagittarius?

  1. Maria.d

    Lorena Sowa I agree with what you say im a sag too, thou once somebody breaks your head and you get stepped on you put that person out of you heart and after doesent matter what they do it just wont be the same and it wont work we hurt bad and i know me personally once ive been hurt thats it, i dont care what you do the damage is already dun and there’s no way it can be turned around,because i just won’t trust tht person again, me being a sag once i put somebody out of my heart because i been hurt or my trust has been betrayed i shut them out compleatly for good.

  2. bmp28

    My birthday is the 20th of Decemeber landing on the Sagittarius/Capircorn cusp (sagicorn.)
    How do you know that “When we give our hearts, we love deeper than most others in the zodiac?”

  3. Lorena Sowa

    I am a Sag and I think it should be noted that if we say we are interested in one person and no other, we should be taken very seriously. When we give our hearts we love deeper than most others in the zodiac … all part of the charm? It also factors into our sense of fairness and brutal honesty!


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