Spotlight on Capricorn

Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign, ruled by Saturn that governs the 10th house – the House of Career. People born under Capricorn are usually on a mission for success – and if you can break through their tough exterior, you will find a person with a heart of gold.

Their way…
Capricorn people are focused and driven, and certainly not afraid of hard work. They are quite organized, possess a faith in their own abilities and have a take-charge attitude that is grounded in practicality and logic.

Capricorn motivation primarily comes from their deep-seated need for security and success. Blessed with a natural understanding of the benefits of having patience, Capricorn people are conservative with their finances and tend to invest well. This sign knows how to gracefully wait for a return, and fully expects the waiting to pay off!

People born under this sign go through life with a sense of purpose – and that purpose is to achieve. They like power and prestige, money and the things that it can buy. While you probably couldn’t ask for a better employee, it wouldn’t be out of character for a Capricorn to end up owning the company. With steady effort and cunning, a Capricorn will not stop until they have reached their goals.

Getting to truly know a Capricorn can sometimes be an experience. They usually come off as having a tough exterior, even presenting as being aloof or indifferent, but that is mostly because they are quite private people. At times, Capricorn can be a bit shy and awkward, but if it’s about business or success, a Capricorn can command a room.

It is difficult to find a more loyal friend – a Capricorn friend or lover will not leave you in the lurch. However, before a Capricorn will commit to friendship (or more!), you will have been tested for worthiness. The affections of a Capricorn run very deep, but this sign does know how to hold a grudge. If you betray one, you may be granted forgiveness – but rest assured the Capricorn will not forget.

In love
A Capricorn in love is a person completely in love – they tend not to commit casually and always have their eye on the long-haul. There is very little difference for them between love and sex, so the bedroom is a place where there are few boundaries – they definitely give as good as they get. Most Capricorns find it very challenging to express their needs or insecurities, but they do have them. Just as Capricorn is fiercely protective of all they love, they have a very deep need to be loved and appreciated with same dedication and ferocity.

Personally and professionally, Capricorns like to be in control, because they hate to be vulnerable. They can come off as critical and egotistical, usually believing that their way is the “right” (or only) way – but if your argument is sound, a compromise can be reached.

Life path
The life of a Capricorn tends to be a rather unique journey, for this sign seems to almost operate in reverse. Most Capricorns seem old when they are young, and young when they are old. It seems as if the path of a Capricorn is an up-hill battle. The early years tend to be filled with adversity and challenge. Young Capricorns often have loads of responsibility – typically forced into caring for themselves, parents, or siblings. But even if the mountains they climb seem to be unnaturally steep, this sure-footed goat has what it takes to end up on top!

The year ahead…
For those of you born under this sign, the year ahead is looking pretty good! Even though your ruling planet, Saturn, turns retrograde on December 19, the phenomena of the “backward spin” isn’t going to slow you down. In fact – it is going to help set you free.

Because of your planning and patience, expect the coming year to show you that your efforts are bearing fruit. Finances are likely to improve and new partnerships will start to take form. Those areas of your life that have been holding you down are going to settle back into a more balanced state. Old debts will be cleared or repaid and you will have a bit more time on your hands to enjoy.

As you bring old issues to a close in your personal life, you will learn that your already golden heart has room to expand. Take advantage of this time of your life, for it is a period of a little less work and a little more play.

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28 thoughts on “Spotlight on Capricorn

  1. marios

    This article about capricorn is very acurate ! I m a capricorn , i went through life with lots of hardships , i had my good times and difficult ones but i never give up and i take it as a challeng to better myself in order to achive better life .personal development and been skilfull very essential !never quit, patiens ,persistance and passion for what you striving for !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sandy March 5, 2014 at 4:00 pm.

    I believe that what I read what true about me and I know that I am good hearted person. Even if no one see it in me, it there because they can see through the heart or mind of me. I Thank God for the Blessing in my life. I know that it will get better for me I am going through a challenge now but I am believing that it going to be a great year with many Blessing for God. Thank You and it was done great.

  3. Heidi

    This is the FIRST time that someone got it right! Everybody tells you things about your horoscope that are just not correct, or, should I say, most of it isn’t! Now, there is one issue ( very important! ) that has not been considered. In my case, my moon is in Leo, my rising sign is Cancer and my Sun is also in Capricorn. How is that for a godly screw-up! Not to mention I got ADHD and I’m borderline bi-polar. I’m angry, hateful and bitter, not to mention born depressed. Yet many psychics ALL told me about this great life I was going to lead, Soulmate and Money, lot’s of it. Guess what happened: No Soulmate and I’m poor!!! But, and this is the kicker: I am in this world to communicate! I can’t help but think: who screwed me up like that? I don’t get what I should have yet I’m expected to help others. Who the hell came up with that b s? Can you see my dilemma?

  4. Leigh

    The goat-Patricia calm down! I as several others am a 12/25 cap. and I’ve never met another cap. that was anything like you ranted about! Maybe u r cap is borderline with Sag. or the other side, but I found what was said to be pretty spot on. None are exact but mostly close. M goodness its a horoscope, don’t have a anuresym, its not set in stone or any rule you HAV to follow. I suppose you have mis-interperted the other signs also. If this got ME this upset I would be seeking prof. help. You do need to get a life, where did you read all that? I missed it.

  5. Laura

    I think Capricorns are basically old souls. I was always “older” than my piers when I was younger. I have always felt more comfortable with people older,sometimes,considerably older than myself. I hope the idea that Cappies get better and better as time goes on,holds true….because that seems to be the case for me. (I think that may be because it takes us a long time to feel comfortable that everything has been done well enough to move forward with a plan)

  6. paheli

    hi everyone…….seems all true for all cappies..sometimes i love to be a cappie and other times i dont

    anyways life is beautiful!

    cheers all cappies

  7. R Brown

    everything this is saying about a cap is true we are very loving people, sometimes bossey, but need to be. we dont like to take risk because we are careful people and safe , grounded , and have to feel and see that things are secure. we like money we love to spend because we like beautiful things. 2 years ago was the worse of my life last year was a little better, this year so far is looking good , feeling good and is doing good. Caps I’m here to tell you things are getting better and better for us this year and next .

  8. the goat

    Patricia December 21, 2011 at 6:22 pm


    Get a life you sad,capricorn wannabe girl

  9. GARY

    man this year has been bad for me i hope that it gets better soon.all my money is gone and no work. don’t know what i am going to do.

  10. moijardin

    The commentary about caps is right on the button. I am at the end of a relationship or a renewed beginning and it is painful but, I realize that introspection /true growth often is uncomfortable but needed. I truly do love a challenge especially in a field where I have expertise. I have finally found a job that I enjoy.

  11. Angels and Healing

    James Davidson
    If you want me to send you some Reiki healing just E mail me and let me know.

    Light and joy,

  12. nyc_baby22

    the capricorns are really a wonderful set of people,with hearts of gold.GOD will always continue to bless them till the end

  13. Tiff4tatt

    This article was written in 2007!?! So although the characteristics of a Cap are highly accurate, would “The Year Ahead” section still apply?!? I’m just saying…..

  14. Amen

    If you betray one, you may be granted forgiveness – but rest assured the Capricorn will not forget.
    Most definitely….
    Even though person sometime misjudge us being that we are secretive, once they get to know and understand us… they will realize that we are all they will ever need and more

  15. noelle

    I was born on 25th Dec. and everything about Capricorns in this topic is very true. Everything I do most of the time is right and I never take risks.

  16. Yosef Y

    Truly fine description of a quintessential Capricorn – so encompassing that it almost can be personal to me. Would like to engage the services of a psychic, specifically LIAM, whose comment on other person’s issue deeply impressed me.
    How do I ask for his service ?! Respectfully, Yosef Y. phd, msc’

  17. Patricia


  18. Norma Jean

    My birthday is December 25, and everything I read about Capricorns, is so very true. I am and always have been so determined in everything I do, am, and represent. I know who I am and what I am capable of. . . THANK GOD for CAPRICORNS, we do our deed to balance this world!!!!

  19. Connie

    Thank goodness! This past year has been Hell. The 2012 year has got to be better. Looks good from where I’m sitting.

  20. james davidson

    Pretty accurate , as I am a capricorn have had a fantastic life ,I just about loved every minute of it ,I have on many occasions been likened to the picture of Dorian Gray.. The only missing thig was health , my knees are virtually killing me bones aging /wearing out faster than my body.

  21. roger

    Right on! I am a capricorn. I agree what was said above.I never sleep until my target is done.capricorn rules…ha ha ha…. I love my sign, and looking forward to the best things to come in coming years. Ya…hoooo…

  22. debbie

    Reading this article is like reading an autobiography of myself. Its amazing how someone can reveal things that are true about a person base on their birth month.It is like second nature to me to be extermely organised and seldom do anything without careful analysis and planning. My presence always seem so dominating because of my professional and sophisticated demeanor. A casual intimate relationship is the hardest thing as intimacy is suppose to come out of love and deep affection, where there is no boundaries. giving all my love in a relationship is just inevitable as i go in with all my heart, making it so hard to get out when the time comes. Hunger for knowledge is my quest and as such i believe my view should be accepted. My confidence and motivation comes from my achievements and success and the strong belief i have in myself that i can do everything.

  23. famous

    I think this article was pretty spot on. I’m a capricorn and I’v always felt more comfortable when I’m given targets and responsibilities. The feeling of confidence is great particularly when I achieve my goal.I just got out of a relationship because it was one-sided and without destination or purpose.Good Job.

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