Spotlight on Sagittarius

On November 22, the Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius. That’s when this fun-loving Fire sign with an optimistic edge will celebrate their birth month and enjoy all of the events – holiday parties plus more – where they can be their outgoing social selves! If you’re a Sagittarius or if you’d just like to understand the Sagittarians in your life, here’s a look at what Sagittarians are all about and what their birth month holds for them.

Sagittarius profile
Sagittarius (the ninth sign of the zodiac) is a Fire sign and, like all Fire signs, they tend to be enthusiastic and adventurous, open and outspoken. They’re active and energetic and simply love the thrill of the hunt. Whether they’re pursuing their latest big idea, some potential romantic opportunity or any other goal they’ve set their sights on, they generally find themselves energized by the chase.

Perpetually curious and imaginative, they’re inevitably eager to find out what’s waiting around that next corner. Of course, once they’ve discovered that the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side of the hill, they’re eager to drop what they’re doing to set out in pursuit of their next big adventure. Sagittarians cherish their sense of personal freedom and independence and are certainly not one of the most easily domesticated signs of the zodiac.

Sagittarians prefer to keep their options open and, because of this, are somewhat reluctant to settle down or commit too quickly. Others are often of the opinion that they’re just trying to avoid responsibility. And the truth is that they probably would rather just be out having fun. But whatever other people may think, there’s no denying that they usually make for extremely enjoyable companions and rarely find themselves with any shortage of friends.

Famous Sagittarians
Christina Applegate
Sinead O’Connor
Teri Hatcher
Brad Pitt
Jon Stewart
Kim Basinger
Jeff Bridges
Bette Midler
Keith Richards
Jane Fonda
Woody Allen

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5 thoughts on “Spotlight on Sagittarius

  1. Startwin

    I am a Gemini and met a Sag. on 9-2012. We have been dating for 3 months. right now
    the problem is financial he just moved here from San Francisco 9 months ago. We have
    been going out once a week and we work around our schedules. Financially, he does have
    a job but, does not get paid enough. But, he is looking for another job. I have been
    advised that this is a red flag. I am getting bored with the same routine. Plus he is one
    that does not settle. I told him, if he really wants a relationship with me he would have to
    settle down. I already have my life set. So the above does pertain to Sags. Will let you
    know how it turns out.

  2. Glorie Wilson

    I had a nice peaceful Birthday, this day November 29th..Been Blessed. My fire is still burning. Happy Birthday All You Sagittareans.

  3. Sandy L.

    This December 11th is a big one for me (60) and I feel like I want to reinvent myself. How will it turn out? any surprises along the way?


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