Tarot Cards That Resonate With Aquarius

An image of a few Tarot cards on a table. The first is The Fool, the second is the Lady of Swords, and the third is unidentifiable.

Tarot and the Sign of Aquarius

In the metaphysical world, there is a lot of talk about correspondence. However, this isn’t the “letter in the mail” type of interaction. In this context, “correspondence” refers to the dynamic that occurs when there’s a connection or similar energy between different things. In other words, correspondence is the idea that multiple items, people, or concepts can share the same essence. This applies to just about everything — from colors to animals to zodiac signs.

People born between January 20 and February 19 have their sun in Aquarius. They’re known for their independence and idealism, and they often seek out opportunities for adventure. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, and their characteristics include ingenuity and curiosity. Their energy is a subtle modality that works to restore balance between their physical, mental, spiritual, and etheric selves, thus allowing them to experience greater perceptual clarity, enhanced creativity, and increased vitality. This energy is eccentric and unique, constantly shifting and changing, much like the wind itself. However, like all things, Aquarius still has some correspondences, in both the physical world and the world of psychic phenomena alike. Among the most powerful of these is its connection to certain elements of the Tarot.

This might seem odd at first, as Tarot cards are generally interpreted in context during readings. It is true that every card can mean something to anyone, especially if it appears when they’re looking for insight. However, even outside of a reading, Tarot cards have their own energies and meanings, and those energies actually correspond with the different zodiac signs.

In light of that, here are the three Tarot cards that resonate most with the sign of Aquarius.

The Fool

Starting off with the Major Arcana, one of the cards that best reflects Aquarius’ energy is the Fool. In most decks, the Fool is depicted as a young individual who is walking forward, unknowingly about to step off a cliff while they are busy looking at the flower in their hand. They also tend to have a small dog jumping playfully at their feet, walking alongside them.

People born under Aquarius often live with their heads in the clouds, and they are known for being a bit naïve and idealistic. The Fool, headed toward the cliff, is generally unaware of what’s right in front of them. Their enthrallment with what they’re holding captures the Aquarian tendency to focus on small details, even when it means they miss the big picture. While that may seem like a bad thing, this trait can be positive as well, because their keen focus can help them find solutions that are otherwise easy to overlook.

Furthermore, the dog playing at the Fool’s feet is a symbol of loyalty, and Aquarius is one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac! People born under this sign will be there to boost you up when you need energy, and they can soothe you even during the hardest of times with their ever-optimistic outlook on life.

The Star

The next card that resonates with the energy of Aquarius is the Star. This card generally shows a woman who is nourishing the earth by pouring water out of two vases, representing the subconscious and conscious minds. This also symbolizes the need for measured action when trying to obtain peace and true balance in life. The Star is humanity, generosity, and beauty incarnate — the very essence of optimism. It represents hope and renewal, with a strong connection to both the mundane and the spiritual parts of life.

Aquarians are usually able to add a positive twist to the problems they encounter, and they’re unafraid of the work associated with self-improvement, always angling to become the best possible versions of themselves.

The Page of Swords

The last card that resonates with the energy of Aquarius is from the Minor Arcana. The Page of Swords is all about impulsivity, and it is ready to take on the world! This is an appropriate card for the first zodiac sign after the turning of the new year. Much like the forward movement of the Fool card, the Page of Swords is propelled by a need to explore and experience the world. Both cards are associated with Aquarius’ tendency to leap before they look, which can be either positive or negative, depending on the situation.

The young Page is moving in one direction but still looking back toward where they came from. This is a reminder that future progress requires an understanding of the past. Thankfully, Aquarians aren’t averse to learning from history. They know that reflecting on their previous experiences can help them grow, but they’re also smart enough to realize that remaining stuck in the past is dangerous. Ultimately, you have to move forward in life.

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