How To Consecrate Your Tarot Deck

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What Is Tarot Deck Consecration?

Tarot deck consecration is a ritual that can help you use your Tarot cards in a way that brings about the results you desire. This process can vary in complexity. Some consecration methods are simple, while others are more elaborate. Either way, Tarot deck consecration is about dedicating the tools of your craft to whatever work you want to perform with them, strengthening them with positive influences and banishing any unwanted energy.

Why Consecrate Your Tarot Deck?

In order to make the most of the ancient art of Tarot, it’s important to be entirely clear about what you want to use it for. Consecrating your Tarot deck can keep it free of negativity and infuse it with universal energy. Furthermore, setting aside the time to affirm your intentions for a particular deck can help you stay centered as you read.

Consecrating Your Deck

There are as many different ways to do a Tarot deck consecration as there are Tarot readers themselves. Some people like to dedicate their cards to a specific higher power or deity, while others prefer to dedicate them to certain ideals, such as healing, health, or happiness. 

However, while there is no set or perfect way to consecrate a Tarot deck, one major commonality is that almost all consecrations involve at least some element of ritual.

When customizing your own consecration method, consider what approaches resonate most with you. For instance, if you prefer elaborate rituals, you can cast a formal circle, or even perform the consecration at a temple, church, or another holy place. You can also incorporate sage, candles, essential oils, crystals, and other spiritual items into the process if it seems right to you.

Alternatively, if you prefer to keep things simple, you can just hold your cards between your hands as you bless them and infuse them with love. Speak your intentions, whatever they might be, and ask that they bring clarity and healing to you and other people alike.

As you prepare to do a Tarot card consecration, be sure to bring your bag, your Tarot box, and any items you intend to incorporate into your readings — as well as, of course, the cards themselves.

From there, you’re ready to start the process. As mentioned above, the consecration can look however you want, so feel free to let your intuition guide you. Just follow this basic structure, and you’ll be able to consecrate your Tarot deck in no time:

1. Banish and Purify

First, get rid of any negative or unwanted energies. Many people incorporate incense, music, crystals, salt, and/or holy water into this step. This is also a great time to include any special prayers, affirmations, or incantations. Manage the noise in your space — whether that’s music or chimes or pure silence — to cultivate the right atmosphere. Pictures of the wilderness or spiritually evolved beings may also be placed in your circle or on your altar table if you so wish.

Nature can do a lot of the work for you here. Turning your cards face up, along with your Tarot box or bag, and placing them out in sunlight or moonlight can do a wonderful job of clearing out any unwanted influences that might have attached themselves to the deck. (Though, be mindful of the fact that leaving your cards in the sun can sometimes fade the colors a bit, especially if done over and over again.)

2. Invocation

This step generally involves asking your angels, guides, spiritual masters, and/or ancestors to be present during your Tarot card consecration. You can also include your favorite saints, gurus, and devas from your spiritual pathway. Request that they enlighten you, guide you, and bless your work. Ask for their clarity, love, and wisdom, so that everyone you read for will feel strengthened and blessed by the process.

3. Consecration

Because Tarot allows you to connect with your soul, it’s important to treat your cards like the valuable tools they are. As such, the third step here — the consecration itself — involves expressing your intent and imparting that energy onto your cards.

Ask yourself what you want to do with your deck. Do you want to enlighten and instruct? Then add that to your consecration statements. Do you want to offer people healing and comfort, or do you want to warn your clients about the pitfalls ahead of them? Alternatively, maybe you just want to use the cards to make a living and provide for your family.

That’s all just fine. Regardless of what you want to do with your Tarot deck, this is the time to mention it without getting wrapped up in your own head or feeling self-conscious.

State your goals for your Tarot practice as clearly and explicitly as possible. In fact, you may even want to draft your consecration statement beforehand. Consider brainstorming and reflecting on your goals for a couple of days, just to ensure that you truly understand what you hope to get out of the consecration. Then incorporate those thoughts into the process, and once you feel like you’ve imbued the cards with the energy and purpose you’ve chosen for them, you can move on to the final step.

4. Bless and Conclude

Thank your higher powers (as well as any other spiritual forces you called upon) for being present during your consecration, and ask them to continue blessing your readings as you move forward. Promise to use your cards in a way that brings more love and joy to the world — doing this actually creates a spiritual covenant between you and forces greater than yourself. When you maintain your side of the agreement, your higher powers will return the favor by blessing your work.

Put your cards in their storage box or bag, and sprinkle herbs, essential oils, or cologne on the outside of the container. This seals it with Venusian energy and will help you connect to the people you’re reading for.

Rose, jasmine, and lavender work very nicely for this wrap-up stage of the consecration. Patchouli can also do the trick because it holds the energy of the sun, while clary sage can do the same because it holds the energy of the moon.

Connect in Your Own Way

While the steps above map out the general flow of a Tarot deck consecration, the methods mentioned are just suggestions. Adapt your approach as you see fit, and use your cards with the same confidence you would any item you’re familiar with. You will develop your relationship with the cards as you consecrate them, allowing them to match their energy to your personal intuitive gifts.

Any act that is carried out with intent can be powerful, so no matter what your indivudal personality and spiritual pathway may be, you can find a way to consecrate your Tarot cards. And as long as you have a clear understanding of your own goals, you can continue empowering your cards just by using them. The longer you do so, the deeper and more effective your readings will be, allowing you to create a successful foundation for your Tarot work — one that can last for years to come.

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