Tarot Cards That Resonate With Leo

An image of three Tarot cards over an orange-to-white gradient background. One card is the Emperor, while the other two cards have their names cut off.

Tarot and the Sign of Leo

Like all signs, Leos are multifaceted. As a result, they have all sorts of unexpected correspondences across the spiritual world, including in the Tarot.

It’s essential to remember that each person’s journey is unique, and so is their path toward self-discovery. Tarot cards can help you navigate various parts of life, but make sure that you interpret them through the lens of your personal experience and intuition, regardless of whether a card has a close connection to your sign.

With their complex, rich, and gregarious natures, there are a variety of Tarot cards that are closely connected to the energy of the lion. Here are just a few of the cards that resonate most with the vibrant Leo-born.

The Sun

The Sun card represents optimism, success, and fame. This makes it one of the best cards for those born under the sign of Leo. After all, it doesn’t matter what field they find themselves in (though it’s true that many Leos love the creative spotlight), they will work hard to become the best in their chosen career path. Abundant and energetic, the Sun connects closely with the “go, go, go!” energy of Leo. After all, the lions of the zodiac are constantly willing to chase their dreams. They have a lot of intensity and passion, so much so that they share that warmth with everyone around them.

Leos don’t flinch away from recognition or accolades — there is nothing shy about the Sun or this sign. However, just like the radiant Sun card, a Leo at their best truly lights up the world around them.

The Knight of Wands

This card typically represents someone imbued with a spark of energy, interest, and motivation. Additionally, the Knight of Wands is brave, unafraid to try new things or explore yet-unknown possibilities. Confident and generally action-oriented, the Knight of Wands is a bold, fiery figure. This, of course, makes it a perfect match for Leo.

Leos burn bright, and the intensity with which they move through the world and pursue the things they want aligns them closely with the Knight of Wands. Neither this card nor this sign worries much about diving head-first into new endeavors. Likewise, the Knight of Wands in the reversed position suggests recklessness, impatience, thoughtlessness, and impulsivity. These are all common flaws for those born under the sign of Leo, though when managed carefully and tempered with forethought, even these potential pitfalls can be turned into more positive traits.

The Emperor

The Emperor card embodies authority, ambition, and leadership. This card reflects not just the natural qualities of Leo but also the traits that they should aspire toward, guiding them to harness their natural strengths while overcoming any challenges that may get in their way. It can be hard to lead others when you want to take all the credit for any achievements, but sharing the limelight with those who are deserving is a skill that many Leos need to nurture. If they do, they won’t just reach high heights themselves — they’ll inspire others to do the same.

As already mentioned, Leos set lofty goals and follow them with fervor. The Emperor, however, is a reminder to stay grounded and disciplined in the process. He establishes boundaries around his actions but doesn’t lose sight of his objectives. This is essential for Leos, as they tend to have strong personalities and ambitious aims. Though they’re often successful on their own, Leos who follow the guidance of the Emperor increase their chances of a positive outcome in any given situation.

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