A Day in the Life: Psychic Ivan

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We believe that gaining a better understanding of our psychics can only deepen your connection when you call or text for a reading. In this continuing series, we talk to our psychics about their day-to-day lives. In this installment of “A Day in the Life,” California Psychics interviews Psychic Ivan.

When you have a day off, what does that typically look like?

I have a large family, so there’s always a lot going on with kids, grandkids, etc. I also spend a lot of time at the beach, and playing music. When I’m not working, I close the psychic world off for a couple of days to “recharge the batteries.” I…love to travel, and I also love gourmet food.

Tell us something interesting that your clients would love to know about you.

I have lived in 13 different cities in the United States, divided between the east coast, the west coast, and Texas. Also, when I was much younger, I had a 20-year career in financial services, while moonlighting as a psychic [for] most of that time. Over the years, I have [had] a multitude of different life experiences, which have definitely enhanced my work as a psychic.

Do you have any go-to mantras?

“Even a whirlwind does not last all day.” This is a quote from the Tao Te Ching. What it simply means is that no matter how bad a situation is or how low your feelings are, nothing lasts forever. There are always better times ahead.

What advice would you give a first-time reader?

Relax and envision all of the random thoughts in your [head] fleeing from your mind, [leaving only] the central question of your reading… Trust the messages that you receive, even when they don’t “jibe” with what your perception or opinion is. Have utter faith and confidence that you are receiving truth from the Universe. Most importantly, always tell the truth, but…make sure [that it’s] kind and beneficial.

When and how did you discover your psychic abilities?

When I was a very small child, I experienced frequent instances of déjà vu and precognition: there would be times, for example, that I would know what my mother or teacher was going to say before they said it. When I was 13, I had a girlfriend from school with whom I would spend hours talking on the phone. I had never been to her house, but one night I somehow found myself perfectly describing the interior of her family’s house, along with the exterior, which was unique in that neighborhood (there was no practical way I could have known what the place looked like). Though this was more of an example of remote viewing than formal clairvoyance, the experience stuck with me. Going forward, I would frequently experience precognition with people and events around me. When I turned 18, I committed myself to learning as much as I could about the psychic arts and metaphysics, which ultimately led me to where I am today, here at California Psychics.

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