Your Thanksgiving Horoscope

The Tradition of Giving Thanks

In the U.S., the fourth Thursday of November is when we celebrate our traditional Thanksgiving holiday, and it’s a nice way to take stock of life. This holiday is all about being grateful and giving thanks. For this Thanksgiving holiday, you probably already know what’s going to be on your table, but do you know what your Thanksgiving forecast has in store for you? Well don’t fret, because you can read your horoscope right now!

Astrological Offerings

The planets are perfectly aligned for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. That’s because they day before Thanksgiving, Mercury and retrograde Jupiter form a wonderful angle that favors travel. This is a blessing for all you travelers since Thanksgiving is the most-traveled holiday of the year.

Also, Venus in tradition-loving Capricorn is opposite Jupiter in home-loving Cancer, making it a social day that’s perfect for celebrating. Good vibes last through the weekend when the sun and Uranus fire up a fun atmosphere. Travel, food and fun all seem to be on the menu, and for that we can thank the universe.

So let’s see what your Thanksgiving forecast has to say:


Your Thanksgiving forecast is made of all the things you treasure most—travel, adventure and a place to call home when the day is done. Your weekend rocks too.


Your down-to-earth vibe blends well with the astrological atmosphere, and your personality is one that loves to honor your closest relationships. That’s awesome.


Your Thanksgiving forecast is certainly a reason to celebrate because you love spending time with friends and family alike. It’s also a great time to put your unique spin on this traditional day.


Home is where the Crab is—you take it with you wherever you go. These are the days you live for and this year, both Jupiter and Venus make it seem all the more special.


Gathering the family gives you a feeling of pride. You have a way of making a holiday seem like a vacation and the universe supports your efforts.


The stars surround your extended weekend with communication, home, friendships, sharing and more. Your Thanksgiving forecast surrounds you with love. You’ll enjoy it.


As the sign of balance, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself busy juggling obligations, and lack of time could trigger overspending. Breathe. You can do it all and actually enjoy the holiday.


Rituals, traditions, travel and communication abound in your Thanksgiving forecast. Enjoying it all with your clan gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Enjoy it!


Your Thanksgiving forecast rocks with the sun and an upcoming New Moon in your sign, as well as some spontaneous moments in between. It’s time to make some memories.

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This Thanksgiving the stars touch all of your traditional meridians—family, friends, home and even a little time to yourself.


Once you’ve taken care of obligations—at work and otherwise—you’re free to enjoy the weekend where the stars favor gatherings and communication and maybe even travel.


Your Thanksgiving is full of the stuff that makes your sensitive heart beat. Reflection, reassurance, romance and more surround you.

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    I need a very clear & to the point Horoscope. wage statements dose not make any sense to me. If you can, I will be grateful to you.


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