Karma: When Will They Get Theirs?

How Does Karma Work—And Why Does it Work So Slowly Sometimes?

“When will they get theirs?” This is a natural response when we feel we have been terribly wronged. Revenge is a basic human emotion; I know I have felt it myself. While the desire to see the other person suffer their karma in some way is strong, it is important to understand that we are all on our own unique path and it is up to us as to how we allow situations to affect us. We can sit with anger, throwing daggers in the path of that person, stuck in our hurt and feeling a victim, or we can silently thank that person for a needed lesson on our own spiritual path.

Every one comes to this lifetime with a soul contract that we agreed and shook hands with the universe on before we stepped into our physical bodies. Unfortunately, once we are here we have forgotten the agreement. However, the universe clearly remembers the terms of the contract, the types of people and situations we wanted to experience and puts it into motion for us. Seems unfair doesn’t it? Like you want to go back and say, “Yea, but I didn’t mean THAT situation!” Sorry, the contract is iron clad. (Pay attention to the fine print before your next life!)

When you experience those painful feelings it is important to try to see what the lesson was suppose to teach. Perhaps it is to learn to set boundaries, or to finally understand we have outgrown a situation, or type of person because we are growing.

Here are some suggestions that are helpful when wanting “them to get theirs”:

1. Thank the universe for sticking to the contract.

2. Focus on what it is you really wanted from the situation. Was it love, security, to be seen?

3. Understand the other person(s) involved was simply unable to provide you with that need. Understand they are also on their own path. Maybe they were fighting it, and hence the contrast. Or maybe their contract was to feel the contrast in life in any way possible.

4. Where else can your wants be met? Sometimes it is putting ourselves in a healthier situation. And sometimes it is as simple as looking within ourselves and taking care of you.

5. Be kind to yourself! This is a hard one. We want to blame someone for our pain. And often we beat ourselves up for allowing the pain, or not seeing the danger signs along the way. Remember, this was something you were meant to experience for your own spiritual growth.

6. Send the other person(s) pure love and light and thanks. I know that’s a really tough one to do. But once you really look at the situation and everyone involved from above the circumstances, we can then see that person(s) as a human being doing the best they were able to do in the moment with their own contract in place.

7. Thank the universe again for helping you in your growth.

Takes practice, but you will soon learn that these were important events in your life to make you that much better a person than you were before the event.

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