Understanding the Astrology of Dogs

An Astrological Look at Our Pooches


Aries being the first sign, you can be sure that your dog will be Top Dog. It would be wise to buy an Aries dog first so that his position is not overrun. Being first or top dog is the key to his character or the root of your troubles. Houdini was an Aries, so if your dog does not want to be where you left him, lo and behold he will get out. Fighting is second nature to the Aries, yet these dogs avoid physical damage to themselves, which keeps the vet bills low.

DOS: This pooch needs a lot of exercise; it will seem they never get enough.

DONTS: This dog tends to get headaches so keep them out of the sun and heat.


Here we have an easy to understand dog, dependable and steadfast, perhaps even stubborn. A real one-track minded kind of dog. Teaching him to stand or move will be more of a challenge than teaching him down or sit, as these last two come naturally.

DOS: Train him; they do better when told what to do, they are creatures of habit. Good training, good dog.

DONTS: Don’t move or change the furniture, this is very upsetting to the Taurus dog.


You may think you own two dogs, or that a good doggie shrink is needed for what appears to be a dog with a split personality. Well, this is just pooch’s nature.

DOS: Give these dog lots of different activity; he needs a purpose in life. Moreover, if you think his puppyhood will end, forget it! Here we have a puppy forever.

DONTS: Do not leave him in the house or yard all day alone. They are very intelligent and will destroy out of boredom.


Here we have a homebody; he will protect, love and never want to leave his home. Feeding will be a pleasure as long as it is top of the line food. No fast food for this furry pooch.

DOS: Do what he wants or he will report you the animal regulations.

DONTS: Don’t yell at him, he will sulk forever force is not effective either. Be nice to him and he will be nice to you.


A natural ruler, kingly and beautiful, you can bet he knows it too! This household and the rest of the world revolve around this Leo dog.

DOS: Appreciate him and let him know you love him. Show him lots of praise, the more praise you show this pooch the more he’ll want to please you.

DONTS: Do not let him roam the neighborhood. He thinks all the bitches are his, and who wants calls from the owners of pregnant Fifis?


Here we have a real great pet a dog of great adaptability, so wherever you live will be fine for this dog.

DOS: Use authority, it will help this dog expand. Allow living in the house, he will strive to be the perfect pet.

DONTS: Leaving him in the yard could prove a mistake, it will be dug up. This dog loves to serve, so do not let this energy go to waste.


Balance is the key here – less obedience, more food, longer walks, and shorter workweeks. What you want for yourself is what the dog expects for itself.

DOS: Treat him like you treat yourself and he and he will love you forever. Give lots of love, as he will go out of his way to get it.

DONTS: Do not try to fool this dog, it will never happen.


A complex minded dog for sure, he‘d want a full eight hours sleep in the most comfortable room in the house. Here we have a psychic dog, as he leaps to his feet, hackles on end, barking at an empty corner of the room. When he’s made sure you’re scared stiff, he will relax again.

DOS: Let him know you don’t want a bossy dog. Ignore his tantrums, be strict  they love it.

DONTS: Don’t give into him or he’ll walk all over you. This is not a lovely-dovey dog, so don’t be a mush.


Here we have a hunter – take this pooch on a tracking trip. The archer in him will know exactly when to strict. This is a one man or woman dog, as he has a problem dividing his loyalties. He learns from experiences.

DOS: Give him lots of sympathy when there are bitches around in heat; he falls in love easily. He might go off his food if he feels unloved.

DONTS: Don’t coop him up he will get restless. Don’t let him have the easy chair and couch; you will never get him off them.


Here we have a show stopper. A dog that costs big bucks. Show her and let her have puppies or stud this baby out. This is a high-tailed snob, social climber and class act.

DOS: Treat your pooch to fine things and the best care.

DONTS: Don’t let this dog go without socialization. This is AKC yuppie puppy for sure so no slumming.


This dog is a communicator, a pooch of little trouble in the home. Morning is a good time for going over obedience lessons, through you’ll find you have to be on your toes to keep his interest.

DOS: Teach him discrimination between friends and foes, as he’ll love everyone. Listen to this dog he is honest.

DONTS: Don’t expect undying loyalty, he has none. Don’t expect him to remember much. His memory is short so he will be in obedience class more than one time around.


Here we have a dreamer, a gentle, wishy-washy dog – unpredictable and not sure if he is coming or going.

DOS: Take this pooch for a swim. Water and this dog have a love affair going on.

DONTS: Don’t take him to other people’s homes for visits as he dislikes being away from his cave. Start clipping his nails and grooming this pooch at a very young age as grooming is not one of this doggies highlights.

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9 thoughts on “Understanding the Astrology of Dogs

  1. kathy

    Trickey Anne, my Chihuahua, is an Aries just like me (thank God…it makes me understand her better). She is top dog just like the article said & being Chihuahua makes her more so. She is born the first day of Spring. Aries love to be first & we are a burst of energy just like Spring Time! I one time put another dog on my lap & you would not believe the look on her face!

  2. Wkr

    Do dog’s follow the same horoscopes as humans? In other words, if my dog was born on October 29 would that make her a scorpio?

  3. -quinn ext.5484

    hi iris 1 –
    yes that trip to the vet cured him from the bitch hunt. that breed is such a fiesty dog. love those little boys.
    i can just see him laying in wait for his prey.

  4. iris1

    Great take on the sun signs of the canine. My overgrown Scorpio Papillon definitely hears voices . And he chases foxes, raccoons, possums, squirrels and the occasional deer but not so much bitches since that trip to the vet!

  5. misskrystal

    quinn- very cute and fun article–rings true for the dogs i had and the one i have now..thanks miss krystal

  6. -quinn ext.5484

    gotta love those dogs and bitches… they are the fur balls of life.
    here’s a toast to your black and white (scotch) scotties.

  7. Peyton x5312

    Love it! You know I have a herd. You pegged my guys perfectly! Thanks fir the great article!!

  8. Peyton x5312

    Love it! You know I have a herd. You pegged my guy perfectly! Thanks fir the great article!!


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