Uranus Retrograde

Uranus, the planet of shocks, thrills and enlightenment, can produce some pandemonium in your life when it turns retrograde on June 26, 2008. It will stay there until Thanksgiving. Uranus is all about personal growth through change. It’s the “Cosmic Boot” that boots you out of your rut so you can live a more enlightened and authentic life.

Uranus’s chaotic energy is especially strong during its five-month retrograde transit, which happens every year. Fortunately, the more attuned you are to changes you need to make, the less likely you’ll be taken by surprise during this retrograde period. So be on the alert for needed changes in the “House” (area of your life) where Uranus in Pisces is transiting, as shown in your astrology chart. So . . . with your chart in hand, check out where Pisces resides in your chart at 18-22 degrees, which will tell you which House is affected. Then read the pertinent Uranus influence below to see where upheaval may be headed your way.

Uranus transiting your 1st House (persona, physical appearance): Your inner rebel is likely to emerge, along with the desire to change your appearance and the way you present yourself to the world. Others may be shocked by your transformation, which is really just the extreme version of the real you, which is breaking free from the cocoon.

Uranus transiting your 2nd House (finances): Your finances may resemble a rollercoaster ride now. Unexpected gains from unusual opportunities may arise, as well as unexpected expenses or losses. Don’t jump into any get-rich-quick schemes or embark on an impulsive spending spree. You may undergo a change in your values and priorities, too.

Uranus transiting your 3rd House (learning, communications, travel): Brilliant, unconventional or impractical ideas may suddenly come to you, and you’re open to unusual ideas. You can unhinge others with your blunt (but insightful) talk. Communicating clearly will be a priority. Expect the unexpected while traveling, which can bring unusual people or opportunities into your life.

Uranus transiting your 4th House (family): A change is taking place in how you interact with your family. You may be the one who recognizes an unhealthy generational pattern, an insight which may or may not be well-received by your family. You may suddenly feel smothered by close ties and get the urge to move or remodel your home.

Uranus transiting your 5th House (romance, children, creativity): The urge for more freedom or a more enlightened relationship with your lover can improve or derail the bond. Your relationship with your kids is also getting a wake-up call for change. And your creativity is being awakened, which may manifest in an unusual way.

Uranus transiting your 6th House (health, work routine): The urge to drastically change your diet or exercise routine may arise. Change may be for the better, such as exploring holistic healing, but be wary of fads that promise impossible results. Also, you’ll be restless for a change in your work schedule or projects, and you’ll desire more autonomy.

Uranus transiting your 7th House (partnerships): An awakening is taking place in your primary relationship. Your partner may want more freedom or some other change that will affect your relationship. Now is the time to explore new activities and places together, as well as ways to improve your tie. Couple’s counseling can provide insights.

Uranus transiting your 8th House (sexuality, debt, joint resources): An awakening is taking place in your sexuality. Breaking down the barriers to intimacy can bring greater fulfillment. The urge to experiment with different techniques, places or even people may arise. Also, getting free of debt may be a priority, but dealing with lenders will be unpredictable.

Uranus transiting your 9th House (higher education, long-distance travel, faith): Exploring new places and cultures will expand your philosophical and spiritual horizons and may involve unusual people or situations. Learning something new and different may become a priority. Your faith is also being awakened, but enlightenment will come from expanding beyond organized religion.

Uranus transiting your 10th House (career): The urge to explore a new career path and be your own boss will be strong now. Making a difference in the world through your work may become a priority. Opportunities will come through unconventional avenues. You’ll be defiant of authority and rules in general.

Uranus transiting your 11th House (friends, aspirations, community): Your social consciousness is being awakened, with the desire to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Friends and group activities will be important. Some friends may leave your life, to be replaced by enlightened, brilliant, rebellious or unreliable individuals, so choose your companions wisely.

Uranus transiting your 12th House (the conscious, the past): The dark places within your unconscious are being illuminated now. Startling insights will come to you about your past, including past lives, perhaps. It’s a great time for therapy because you’re so open to being free from emotional burdens. Meditation and journaling can provide enlightenment as well.

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