Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope: Promises and Plans

Commitment and Good Fortune are in the Stars

Your Valentine’s Day horoscope has plenty to say about promises and plans for the future as well as fidelity and good fortune. On the weekend just before Valentine’s Day the Aquarius Sun will flirt with both lucky and expansive Jupiter and karmic Saturn. Therefore, expect feelings of joy to surround you as well as a sense of security that is supportive of long-term goals.

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Partnerships and Togetherness

On Valentine’s Day, the Moon will be in the sign of Libra, a sign that thrives on partnerships and togetherness, and one of two Sun signs with Venus as its ruling planet. You couldn’t ask for a more “love-is-in-the-air” placement, but there is more. The Moon is moving ever closer to Jupiter in the same sign. Whether you’re single, dating or already in a serious relationship, there’s always a reason to have an open heart that is willing to give and receive love in all of its forms, especially on this day. Now let’s take a look at the Valentine’s Day horoscope specific to your Sun sign:


Lucky you, Aries! The Moon and bigger-than-life Jupiter are in your house of partnerships and one-on-one relationships. You just love attention and adoration, not to mention meaningful gifts, and this Valentine’s Day you may also receive gifts of a lasting nature such as exclamations of love and commitment. Let someone special know that you’re in it for the long haul. Speak from the heart, and don’t hold back.


With Venus, your ruling planet, in the fiery sign of Aries, you’re likely to receive exclamations of love from a partner as well as the people you come into contact with each day. You’ll soon realize just how much you mean to them. Also, if you’re involved, a lover may feel abundantly affectionate and present you with a trinket or bauble that will delight you.


The Moon and Jupiter spend Valentine’s Day in your house of romance, dating and sexy rendezvous. In addition, the Sun and Saturn will connect your houses of partnerships and friends. Whether you’re single or attached, it looks like the planets will beam wonderful feelings of love and attention your way. Be sure to return the sentiment.


Home is where your heart is, and both are certainly open to those you love. Therefore, Valentine’s Day could be a very heart-warming day. Stay close to home or a place that feels like home surrounded by those you love or that one special person who fills you with joy. Jupiter will help you expand that feeling back out into the Universe. Love really is in the air, and it feels wonderful.


No matter where you are in your love life, Valentine’s Day presents a great opportunity for you to let that important person in your life know how you feel in your heart. Open up the lines of communication and give that special relationship a fresh start. Letting someone else take the lead will get you the answers you’ve been looking for and perhaps the attention too.


This Valentine’s Day, Virgo, let your heart take the wheel and drive you closer to those you love. Being spontaneous or doing something exciting and unexpected will have great long-term effects. All anyone really wants is your time and attention. However, if you’re in the gift-giving mood, the stars say you’ll also do a great job of making someone’s day with a meaningful show of affection.


With Venus as your ruling planet, you have a flair for creating a memorable moment and knowing just what will make your other half feel special. This Valentine’s Day you’ll have all the astrological support you need to create a magical moment. If hitched, it will be a romantic and sensual day. If single, use those powers to mingle.


Still waters run deep, don’t they Scorpio? Be real with your emotions and don’t hold back. If you’re really in love, it’s a huge deal. And even if there are occasional problems, no relationship is perfect. Expressing your true feelings will open the door to a deeper and more meaningful connection; you won’t be sorry. Seize this Valentine’s Day ready to give and receive the love you truly want.


Jupiter, your ruling planet, is very busy this Valentine’s Day helping the Moon touch hearts across the zodiac. You easily connect with everyone and anyone on this day. Sharing a special day with friends, loved ones or that special someone in your life will create a spiritual, heartfelt connection, and expressing love will have meaningful and lasting effects.


While you’re probably already receiving accolades and adoration from all corners of your life, make this Valentine’s Day all about you and your significant other. Even if you can’t jet off to a private island, at least treat yourselves to time away from other people. Life is busy and times like this can be rare, so make it memorable. Single? You still know how to have fun, don’t you? Go for it.


You have more power than you realize, especially over those you love and those who love you. One thing is for sure, this Valentine’s Day could really make or break someone else’s day. Give in and let someone show you just how special you are and you may wind up being pleasantly surprised and feeling appreciated. The alternative is to spend this day like any other day. It’s your choice.


Your Valentine’s Day horoscope encourages you to spend some quality time enjoying the company of someone special doing what you both love doing. Enjoy a dinner by candlelight or cuddle by the fireplace or under the big screen TV. Listen to Tony Bennett sing “The Bare Necessities,” because that’s what it’s really all about. Let love and laughter warm your heart.

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