Venus Enters Libra

Venus will be in the sign that she rules, Libra, from November 8 through December 5, 2007. What can we expect from this Venus transit? The opportunity for love, beauty and harmony to prevail. Venus energy influences our social lives, financial well-being and romantic soul. Libra energy influences our interest in the place we call home, family and family issues. With Venus in Libra, we may find ourselves giving a little more effort and energy to strengthen ourselves, our relationships and our position in life.

When Venus is in Libra, kindness really does become contagious. There seems to be an underlying gentleness present with even the roughest of personalities. This is a great time for negotiations, both professionally and personally.

There is a heavier focus on beauty during this Venus transit – and beauty is not limited to that which can be seen or touched. The combined Venus and Libra energy has a way of making us see or recognize the beauty that is in us all – and in some cases, it is the energy that allows that inner beauty to shine. Life somehow is just a little more harmonious as Venus passes through her home in Libra. Consciousness of appearance is heightened, and self-perception becomes more positive. From health kicks to home décor, this is a productive time of improvement for the person and personal space.

Those people who are in relationships may find that they extend themselves a bit more to their partners – trying to achieve a new level of perfection in a spiritual union. People who are still searching for their mates are likely to be a bit more creative in that search, and less dismissive to the opportunities that come their way.

As attitudes shift toward peace and harmony, Venus in Libra is illuminating new depths in love -which can lead to deeper passions and less inhibition. From the bedroom to the boardroom, people are likely to assert a little more of their personal style.

Creative energy flows when Venus transits Libra – bringing creative solutions to existing problems, and reminding us that every issue eventually finds the appropriate resolution. Every facet of our daily lives can be touched when we embrace the time that Venus is in Libra – for one of the greatest gifts of this celestial event is moving through our own moments with a greater sense of love.

Scorpio: Always a mystery to even those closest to you, you will find that time spent doing those mysterious things you do cause you to become even more attractive in their eyes. As you finish up your projects, you’ll find that there’s time for romance – maybe even a getaway or two.

Sagittarius: Your freedom-loving nature is calmed quite a bit, as you are inclined to spend time with those you love close to home. Opportunities are coming your way, and you get to choose which path you take.

Capricorn: You’ve been working hard and now it is time for you to slow down and rest. You’ll be quite content spending time at home and delighted to find yourself surrounded by family and friends. Accepting help is not one of your strongest points – but learn to accept anything offered now as a demonstration of love.

Aquarius: If you think that things in your world have been a bit complicated, it may seem that way because you have been thinking too much. Trust your instincts, they won’t steer you wrong. A romantic dinner for two can melt your tensions away.

Pisces: It seems as if you’ve been gifted with the Midas touch, as everything seems to come together around you. Your love life is likely to be heating up. When you trust in love, you will find that when you live life on cloud nine, you won’t fall – but you will remember how to fly.

Aries: You may find yourself more deeply immersed in activities with friends and family. Feeling a bit less stubborn than your usual self, expect to unexpectedly find new ways of dealing with those things that typically would stress you out. If shopping is your outlet of choice, enjoy the spree, but don’t forget to exercise a bit of responsibility.

Taurus: While this may not be the most productive time by your standards, productivity isn’t always about accomplishment. Take time out to pamper yourself, and schedule in some time for romance.

Gemini: Your need to be social is on the rise, and you are ready to party. Health and appearance are topping your list, because your focus is on looking good and having fun.

Cancer: If you feel like you’ve been on an emotional roller coaster, the hills and valleys are about to level out. Even though this isn’t the best time to make life-altering decisions, it is time to relax and allow yourself to have some fun.

Leo: You are likely to be center stage when it comes to family and friends. After primping your ego and making over your home, you’ll feel your fiery best. It may be hard to contain your energy, but you need to be wise on how you spend your money. Any excuse for Leo opulence will do, but don’t forget that the winter holidays are just around the corner.

Virgo: Harmony at home will make you feel like you’re capable of doing more, but your generosity can be taken advantage of – if you aren’t careful. Learning how to say “No!” to others can be empowering, and will afford you some time to spoil yourself.

Libra: If you’ve been struggling with financial pressures, the tension is going to ease up as your options become clear. Venus’s magic runs strong in you now, strengthening old loves and attracting new ones as well.

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