Venus: The Planet of Love

Named after the Roman goddess of love, the planet Venus represents areas of love and romance in your life. The astrological sign where Venus is placed (in your chart) indicates how you tend to approach these subjects. So let’s take a look at what Venus in each of the 12 signs means.

You may already know that when you say you are a particular sign, what you’re really referring to is your Sun sign – the sign that the Sun was in at the time of your birth. Now that is very important, but the placement of every other planet in your birth chart is very important too. Each planet represents a different aspect of your nature and personality, and the sign that it is placed in tells us much about your needs and motivations in the areas represented by that planet.

Venus in Aries: You may be prone to love at first sight. You also love a challenge, but once the challenge wears off, you might easily become bored with a relationship. You’re inclined to be highly assertive and somewhat selfish when it comes to love. You might also feel a strong need to maintain a certain degree of personal independence in your relationships.

Venus in Taurus: You tend to be very committed in love. You fall in love slowly, but once you do, you’re usually committed for life. Your emotional attachments run very deep, and you’re inclined to be somewhat jealous or possessive. Your level of commitment is such that you may find it difficult to end even bad relationships.

Venus in Gemini: You might find that you’re a little fickle in love. You need constant variety and stimulation to maintain your interest. If a relationship stops being fun and entertaining, you’ll usually have no hesitation about moving on. Partners might sometimes find you a bit emotionally distant, though you do often enjoy talking about your relationships with those around you.

Venus in Cancer: You tend to seek emotional security in your relationships. You need to be cared for, but are perfectly willing to provide just as much caring and concern in return. And whether you’re a man or a woman, you might even have a tendency to mother your partner a bit. You’re inclined to be very protective, but can also be a bit possessive as well.

Venus in Leo: Your personal charm and magnetism can often attract a variety of romantic opportunities your way, but just realize that you can sometimes drive them away if you’re a little too self-centered. Passionate and vivacious, you tend to enjoy the drama of love. You believe that a little trouble can sometimes be a good thing. After all, if things are too calm, you might just get bored.

Venus in Virgo: You tend to be very picky in love. You often have a mental checklist in your head of what you’re looking for in a mate, and if someone doesn’t stack up, you can be quick to write them off. Just be careful of a tendency to set your standards too high and to be overly critical of your partners.

Venus in Libra: You tend to be in love with love. There’s rarely a time in your life when you won’t find yourself in love. You almost always prefer to operate through a relationship than on your own, and you may sometimes be a little too willing to be the one to compromise in order to keep the peace in a relationship.

Venus in Scorpio: You’re inclined to be somewhat intense and passionate in love, and can even tend to be a little jealous or possessive at times. You can occasionally become a bit too deeply attached to your loved ones, and can sometimes have a little trouble letting go. Just be careful of a tendency to attract the wrong people.

Venus in Sagittarius: You tend to be rather impulsive in love. You view love as something of an adventure, and you’re usually ready for a new adventure anytime. You don’t like to feel restricted in any way, and you’re not easily domesticated. You value your freedom and usually prefer to avoid close, committed relationships.

Venus in Capricorn: You’re inclined to take a very practical view of love. Besides just romance, you tend to seek out relationships that will serve some kind of useful or constructive role in your life. You may be somewhat emotionally reserved and usually take a rather traditional approach to relationships.

Venus in Aquarius: You tend to believe that love is based on a firm foundation of friendship, and you might find your friends becoming lovers, and your lovers becoming friends. Partners may find you somewhat emotionally detached at times, and you may tend to establish rather unconventional or unorthodox relationships.

Venus in Pisces: You’re inclined to be highly sensitive and idealistic in love, and your romantic expectations may sometimes be a bit lofty or unrealistic. Compassionate and sympathetic, you tend to be rather self-sacrificing when it comes to your partner and are often the “giver” in a relationship. Just be careful of a tendency to idealize your partners and to put too much faith in the wrong people.

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