Your Weekend Horoscope: Foolhardy Risks

Weekend Horoscope

Your Weekend Horoscope

Delightful Venus squaring illusory Neptune may have you looking at the world through rose-colored glasses which can bring disappointment to affairs of the heart. Mighty Mars challenging expansive Jupiter indicates a penchant for foolhardy risks. This weekend, everyone wants to test their limits and find out how far they can go! Here’s your weekend horoscope.

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With your ruler, Mars, challenging expansive Jupiter, you are willing to bet all you have in order to score big in love or a speculative venture. It’s okay to take a chance but you might want to research the risks before you go all in. You might not be seeing the whole picture.


Your ruler, Venus, in your house of finances, brings a boost to your income. However, a challenge from nebulous Neptune indicates that not enough attention is being paid to your long-term financial goals. This is a good time to develop a strategy for saving that will protect your prosperity.


This is a great time to get a new haircut or to update your wardrobe. However, before you make a big investment you should check that your style is aligned with the image you want to present in your professional world. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to dress to play the part.


Your weekend horoscope shows you taking the lead with a group project or an activity that you are participating in with a friend. You may be so enthusiastic about your plans that you fail to recognize the expenses involved. Unless you’re prepared to pick up the tab, you need to be more cost conscious.


A boss, a parent, or another authority figure in your life may have unreasonable expectations around what they think you can accomplish or how much you should do. This can be a sticky situation, but boundaries need to be established. Find a way to gently fight for your rights.


A partner or ally may be envious of the attention that you are receiving in your professional world. You have worked hard to shine and you deserve your moment in the spotlight, so try not to let the bad vibe of others discourage you. Steer clear of those who don’t support your happiness.


With your ruler, Venus, squaring illusory Neptune in your house of work, you may wonder if a course of study that you are passionate about will have practical application in your work life. Get more info before investing time and money in education that may not support your current goals.


Your weekend horoscope shows that you can be quite pushy when it comes to getting someone to help you with an important goal. If there is no mutual benefit, then you might want to try a gentler approach. Chances are that your expectations are inflated and you are asking for too much.


Mars squaring your ruler, Jupiter, has you jumping head first into an experience that promises to transcend your everyday routine. This adventure is a worthwhile pursuit, but you need to make sure that you are fully prepared. Being mindful of the details helps you avoid accidents and other mishaps.


You are in the zone when you can successfully bring a task that you love to completion. Because you are competent at so many things, you often neglect to read or to follow instructions. You can usually figure things out on your own, but the chances are good that your negligence may trip you up today.


A lot of tasks around your home need to be taken care of and you may need to enlist someone’s help to get things done. Keep in mind that others may not share your enthusiasm, nor be able to match your frenzied pace. Don’t expect too much from someone who lends a helping hand.


Venus squaring your ruler, Neptune, may bring a feeling of disappointment if your deepest desires are not being met. Your weekend horoscopes indicates that you might not be seeing things clearly, so don’t make big changes or decisions based upon your current mood. You will have more clarity in the days ahead.

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