Your Weekly Love Horoscope: Intellect and Romance

Your Inner Poet

Starting on Monday, expect some spirited or contentious conversations as Mercury travels through fiery Aries (through March 30). Intellect can prompt a sexy encounter. This weekend, an enticing Mercury-Venus conjunction will ignite your inner poet if someone you love touches your heart. This is also the ultimate influence for sharing your feelings. Best days for socializing: Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Here is your love horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

People are drawn to the way you express yourself as Mercury travels through your sign. This is certainly the time to share your knowledge, humor or wisdom to gain the admiration of your sweetie or someone new. Remember to listen to whoever you’re speaking with. A different culture, food or location will also fire up passion this weekend!

Taurus Love Horoscope

Doing some reflection during Mercury in Aries will trigger thoughts that help you resolve the past. Your intuition is also awakening. This weekend, a former friend or lover will be on your mind. You may also experience a connection with this person through a strong hunch or dream. However, if you’re in a relationship, reminiscing about your shared past will inspire love.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Lively talks with your friends will be the gift of Mercury in Aries. You express interest in what’s happening in their lives and have ideas to share with them. A group project would also bring out your braininess, which in turn may attract a brainiac like you! This weekend will be a good time to meet a love interest through a friend or group.

Cancer Love Horoscope

An idea that comes to you during Mercury in Aries can advance your career. You’ll be focused on work-related talks, but that doesn’t mean romance is out of the question. A date can turn dreamy on Thursday, when you’ll be especially enticing. Revealing your daring side will get you noticed (in a good way!) this weekend.

Leo Love Horoscope

You’ll be craving talks that uplift you spiritually as Mercury moves through Aries. Your ability to see the world from a broader perspective may catch the attention of someone who is from another culture or loves to travel. This weekend, revealing your adventurous side will certainly ignite passion with your sweetie or connect you with a potential lover who admires your moxie.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Deep and revealing conversations will be your focus during Mercury in Aries. You find superficial chitchat boring, so seek out people who share your quest to uncover a secret or solve a mystery. Discussing an emotional issue with someone you trust will bring insights that help you heal it. This weekend, entertaining your sweetie or friends at your home certainly lifts your spirits.

Libra Love Horoscope

The exchange of ideas with your mate or a close friend will energize you as Mercury in Aries travels through your partnership zone. You feel like sharing your views about marriage, commitment or equality. If you’re solo, you’re drawn to someone who stimulates your intellect, but express what’s in your heart to inspire romance this weekend.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Using your ideas to assist someone you care about will bring satisfaction during Mercury in Aries. Volunteering for a nonprofit will put you into contact with people you enjoy talking to. A brainy bond may become something more this weekend. If you’re in a relationship, expressing your appreciation to your partner will certainly reawaken the romance.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Mercury traveling through Aries will awaken your way with words. This is an ideal time to offer messages of love and appreciation to the people you care about. You’ll be especially charming this weekend, finding love during a party or entertainment event. If you’re in a relationship, focusing on having fun together makes passion sizzle!

Capricorn Love Horoscope

You’ll be in a reminiscing mood as Mercury moves through Aries. Conversations with your sweetie about family or home life warms your heart. If you’re solo, you may be drawn to someone who is connected to your roots in some way, which can spark an immediate and mutual affinity between you and the potential love interest.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Your brainpower will make you a magnet for admirers as Mercury travels through Aries. You’ll be full of ideas and craving an audience to share them with. A brainy bond with someone savvy may catch your attention, and maybe your heart, if you let your heart take the lead. A romantic getaway this weekend would seal the deal!

Pisces Love Horoscope

Money will be on your mind during Mercury in Aries. It’s time to discover how love and practicalities find common ground in a healthy relationship. Talking about financial matters with your partner will strengthen your connection. If you’re solo, you may find yourself attracted to someone who is sensual and down-to-earth. Keeping the conversation real will give love a chance to grow.

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  1. Mae

    I would like to know the last three years for this relationship, I feel he cares but I just don’t know I say some very bad things to him and about him. I just want to know should I just move on and forget about him

  2. Sharon Roberts

    I need some insight on my past lover ,which I think he made that possible!! I’m grieving here in some way here that was a message from my good friend told me about relationship going on between my supposed to be present lover and is not because of the plenty of saying of the month about my lover is really truly hers and I’m and not going to get his nothing but his love but she fell for him first,I had no business going there because he had here first,but any ways he’s playing with my emotions bad he is a Scorpio and she’s an Aquarius like me but we are totally two different Aquarius she’s”Slut ” Aquarius and I’m the more conservative and loyal,and kind , honest and honestly he doesn’t deserve me but I have felt so deep in love with him and he. Doesn’t give a great dame he is a cold hearted hoe!! I guess he what’s the sluts ! But anyway I am reaching out to him to get things straight and he doesn’t want to talk he’s guilty of cheating with the other Aquarius

  3. Sharon Roberts

    I just love deep insight of the past present and future makes your day and Weekends to look forward to think about thanks for blessing


    Thank you for my reading, I just wish I knew if I was going to be with my lov for the rest of my senior years


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