What Is the Significance of the Worm Moon?

A yellow-tinted Full Wolf Moon rising over a dark sky.

What Is the Worm Moon?

Full Moons occur when the earth is directly between the moon and the sun, with the moon and the sun in direct opposition to each other. This happens approximately every 28-29 days as the moon goes through its phases from “new” to “full” and back again.

All Full Moons have their own names, with qualities that affect the entire lunar cycle. March’s Full Moon is best known as the “Worm Moon,” as it takes place in the early spring, near the turn of the seasons.

The Meaning of the Worm Moon

March’s Full Moon, like many Full Moons, gets its name from indigenous North American cultures. The moniker “Worm Moon” reflects the qualities of its season, because March is often when the earth begins returning to life after winter. As the ground thaws, the small creatures under the soil prepare it to burst into gorgeous blossoms and greenery!

Some other names for this moon are Sap Moon, Crow Moon, and Sugar Moon, depending on region and culture.

The Effects and Spiritual Meaning of the Worm Moon

The Worm Moon brings a variety of spiritual effects and opportunities. For instance, new emotions and ideas may grab your attention throughout the month. Just like the earth, you could come alive during the Worm Moon cycle, constantly noticing new possibilities and coming up with plans. While these effects will be most powerful while the moon is full, the Worm Moon’s influence will stretch for the entire lunar cycle, through both its waxing and waning phases. Spiritually connecting with this energy can help you enter spring with a heightened sense of awareness.

The 2024 Worm Moon occurs on March 25 in the sign of Libra, exactly opposite the sun in Aries. Libra’s involvement makes this an excellent time to appreciate your existing relationships and meditate on the new personal connections you’d like to form.

This Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse. Like all eclipses, it heightens the urge to pursue personal realization, change, and growth. Eclipses bring dormant desires to the surface, and lunar eclipses in particular offer an opportunity to release old concerns and reveal your hidden potential.

How To Use the Worm Moon

To tap into the energy of the Worm Moon, spend some time in nature. For instance, you might go for a walk outdoors. Try listening to the birds. Dig into the ground with your fingers and toes, and look for any earthworms that come to the surface. Take a moment to appreciate how all these bugs and animals play their necessary roles. Visualize the beauty to come and thank the earth for another wonderful spring.

Alternatively, find a green spot in your yard or local park, then bask in the sun for a while. Look for new growth in the surrounding flowers and trees. Access the power of the Full Worm Moon by reflecting on what’s happening in your life. Examine what’s new and different, then decide what you’d like to nurture and develop.

During the Worm Moon, enjoyable activities can be rejuvenating, acting as a tonic for your mind, body, and spirit. As the world warms up, you’ll feel your energy grow and blossom — just like the earth’s.

Lastly, as you meditate, take a moment to truly embrace the love that you have for yourself, your home, and the world around you. Feel the love that comes back to you, then return it to your heart, where it can nourish you spiritually.

Most importantly, celebrating the Full Worm Moon for all its beauty can refresh, excite, and inspire you. Just open your mind, then start working toward what you want to create in the season ahead!

Learning How the Worm Moon Affects Your Chart

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