Your LOVECAST®: Some Relationship Strife

December 13-19, 2010

Abrasive influences at the start of the week can produce some strife in relationships, so try to stay objective. Also, a powerful conjunction in Capricorn involving Mercury (communications), Mars (energy, conflict), and Pluto (transformation, obsession) deepens and intensifies discussions. During the weekend, love can be sensual but unpredictable on Saturday afternoon, and then flirtatious and adventurous on Saturday night through Sunday. Best days for socializing: Thursday and Sunday.

Aries: Your long-term aspirations in romance and other areas are hot topics this week. Sharing your thoughts about commitment may not be the most inspiring of conversations, but it will clarify the direction of your love life. You may feel emotionally volatile on Tuesday, though. Romance can be found online or while traveling this weekend!

Taurus: A contact from afar or an idea discussed in a class may bring insights about romance and other areas. It’s time to see the overall picture of where your love life is headed, and pinpoint any relationship issues that keep you from getting there. Your sensuality is especially magnetic mid-week. Playfulness fires up passion during the weekend!

Gemini: Some naughty wordplay in the boudoir will bring out your inner wanton this week. On a deeper level, analyzing and discussing emotional issues will help remove inner blocks that hinder your love life. Discussing shared finances with your partner is also favored. Sharing your brainpower ignites romance from Saturday night through Sunday, when your charisma is irresistible!

Cancer: Your psychic power kicks into high gear on Monday, so take some quiet time to listen to your inner guidance. Partnership discussions are also highly energized. Discussing what you want in a relationship with your sweetie or someone close to you will help you manifest a compatible partner. The past plays a role in romance this weekend.

Leo: Taking care of loose ends and dividing up duties will likely be important to love this week. Getting clear about what it means to have a healthy relationship is the key to success. If you’re solo, romance may be found through a healthy (skiing?) or helpful (volunteering?) activity. Bringing out your inner activist inspires romance this weekend!

Virgo: Romance may take you by surprise at the start of the week. Communications such as flirting, networking, or sharing your knowledge will inspire romance. A creative idea is likely to come to you as well. Romance is hot but complicated on Friday, when love may come from afar. Mixing humor and wickedness makes passion sizzle this weekend!

Libra: Expressing your truth will empower you if your relationship gets rocky at the start of the week. Is a family pattern or hidden anger contributing to the problem? Your brainpower draws admirers on Thursday. A natural and/or beautiful environment will inspire romance as well. A faraway contact or spiritual activity brings romance this weekend!

Scorpio: Your words play a strong role in romance this week, so speak wisely. A spontaneous trip or gesture from the heart will inspire love on Monday. A twosome tryst can bring fulfillment on Thursday, but mixed messages may unhinge love on Friday. Allowing yourself to be emotionally vulnerable will deepen passion this weekend!

Sagittarius: A blowup over money or priorities may unhinge love at the beginning of the week, when feelings run high. Strive for a balanced perspective. Your helpfulness inspires love on Thursday. Communications, especially involving the past, brings a surprising insight after retrograde Mercury enters your sign on Saturday. A romantic getaway can set passion ablaze this weekend!

Capricorn: Your words and ideas are empowered this week, so share your wisdom, wit, or expertise to inspire romance (and attract other opportunities). Just don’t go to extremes, which is especially likely on Monday or Tuesday. Romance is sweet on Thursday, so plan something fun. An exchange of ideas or a helpful gesture inspires romance this weekend!

Aquarius: Your wit is especially wicked at the start of the week, which will either captivate your admirers or send them running for the hills. Also, analyzing the past, especially how you handled anger/confrontations, may bring a startling insight. Hosting a gathering of friends (or a tryst for two) can bring satisfaction on Thursday. Passion is steamy this weekend!

Pisces: An unexpected message or event may bring romance (or a different opportunity) on Monday. A friend or group may play a role. Networking with friends, groups, and colleagues will be especially effective in opening a social or professional door this week. Verbalizing your feelings brings romance on Thursday. A party at your abode can energize you this weekend!

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