Your LOVECAST®: A Tidal Wave of Emotion

Your Love Horoscope

The earthy energy from Monday afternoon through Wednesday can inspire some highly sensual trysts (think good food, sexy massage and soft sheets). Then intellectual connections take over on Thursday and Friday. The Full Moon in watery Cancer this weekend may produce a tidal wave of emotion, which can deepen or debilitate relationships. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sunday too, if you don’t go off the rails emotionally.

Aries Love Horoscope

After a rocky start on Monday morning, romance should improve as the week progresses, as long as you let things happen naturally. Sharing your humor or brainpower fuels your attractiveness on Thursday and Friday. Some people close to you may be unpredictable this weekend. Still, hosting a party or intimate date at your abode will energize you.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Your powers of attraction skyrocket from Monday afternoon through Wednesday, so plan a sexy date with your sweetie or be open to meeting someone new. Revealing your inner beauty will make you irresistible. The Full Moon this weekend is all about what you say, which can enhance or derail a romantic interlude. Look for love while traveling.

Gemini Love Horoscope

A quiet, intimate rendezvous will fire up passion at the start of the week. Heeding your intuition will provide insights about the past and perhaps lead you to someone intriguing by Thursday or Friday. During the Full Moon this weekend, quieting your intellect and sharing your deepest feelings will help you meet someone in tune with you.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Monday may be stressful, but socializing with friends or coworkers will be fun on Tuesday and Wednesday, when romance can be found during a group project or community event. The Full Moon in your sign this weekend fires up your self-expression, so verbalize your desires to attract someone special. Just don’t let minor irritations derail the fun.

Leo Love Horoscope

Romance can be found through a work-related activity at the start of the week. Or you may meet someone special during an outing with friends on Thursday or Friday. This weekend’s Full Moon can make you unusually antsy. On the upside, reminiscing about the past can bring an insight that frees up your emotional energy.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Your psychic guidance is especially strong from Monday afternoon through Wednesday, so meditate on what you want in a partner or how to improve your current relationship. Love may come through a class or spiritual group. This weekend’s Full Moon turns you into a social butterfly, so look for someone special while you’re out with friends.

Libra Love Horoscope

A conflict with your partner may arise at the start of the week. Feelings flow more easily on Wednesday, when a passionate interlude is likely. Romance may come from a distant locale on Thursday or Friday. What you say and how you act will be noticed more than usual this weekend, so let your inner light shine to attract love.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

The likelihood of attracting someone compatible is strong from Monday afternoon through Wednesday, when you’ll be drawn to people who are in-sync with you. Love can also come via a friend. Some verbal naughtiness will set passion ablaze on Thursday and Friday. Your charisma is on fire this weekend, when an exotic locale or activity revs up romance.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Romance may feel blocked until Monday afternoon. Thereafter, romance may come through a work project or while volunteering your time to help others. A twosome tryst can bring delight on Thursday or Friday, so keep your eyes open for someone special. The Full Moon this weekend awakens your need for intimacy, so open your heart to attract/deepen love.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Your desire for fun may prompt you to play hooky on Tuesday or Wednesday, when a romantic interlude will bring delight. Look for love during an entertainment-related activity. A coworker may be instrumental in bringing romance on Thursday or Friday. A date can turn passionate this weekend, if you have the courage to share your feelings.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

A cozy tryst at your home will inspire love at the beginning of the week. Having friends over for dinner can bring satisfaction too. Romance soars on Thursday or Friday, when your humor or braininess makes you a magnet for admirers. Heeding your feelings instead of your intellect can bring/deepen love under the Full Moon this weekend.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Expressing your feelings, in person or online, will be especially effective in bringing romance at the beginning of the week. If you’re paired, a romantic getaway will energize your relationship. Passion will be hot (and a bit unpredictable) during the Full Moon this weekend, when you can meet someone special at a party, club or concert.

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19 thoughts on “Your LOVECAST®: A Tidal Wave of Emotion

  1. jay

    it seem like every thing in life got me stock I’m a kind of hyper and every thing happen to slow me down.can’t heven try go get my love own but stock like chuck .it just not me does it change

  2. elisabeth

    hey & thank you , BUT & hey MY b day WAS ON the 1 st .. & i have waited all year 2 GET my JANUARY 2012 monthly 4 cast !! because it has been a awful year for US capricorn’s AND right ON & DEAD ON all year except 4 my luv 4 cast prediction’s ?? so PLEASE SEND IT OUT 2 US & ASAP because i am a capricorn who ISstill IN waiting 4 THIS !! & this goes – out 2 all of MY fellow capricorn’s , BECAUSE WE could ALL use a break IN OUR ‘ LUV DEPT ‘ ?? RIGHT !! i DO hold alot OF hope 4 US IN the monthly HOROSCOPE’S 4 cast !! so please send IT out 2 US & ASAP please … AND I AM STILL WAITING 4 LIGHTENING 2 STRIKE US / or me IN MY own personal LOVE LIFE ?? !! HEY & are there IN more OUT THERE with MY fellow ‘ capricorn’s ‘ WHO are out there THAT do / OR does feel the same way , that I DO ?? ( :

  3. Pamela

    How does Taurus (4-23-52) & Libra (10-20-60) interact together. Can this become a love relationship or is this a no go?

  4. Terry June Harnish

    Thanks for the Love Cast – how does it work?? Do I match the sign of that someone with my sign of Aquarius?? Help???!!!! Blessed be..

  5. Milton Specht

    My wife Donna are splitting up after 38 years with no children. Will I be able to fall in love this year and first in my life be loved for whom I’am? She was snarly the day I married her and I thought I could change, but instead it wore me down inside.

  6. Kathleen

    I met someone a while ago and we’ve been talkin since we both found out our spouses died and only 5 months apart the same year! well I finally go the nerve up to ask him for a drink, but I thought he’d call me monday since he was bragging about his birthday being on new years witch would have been perfect cuz non of my children would have been around and we have done something with no interference around ! we’ve known each other a year+ 12 months & I’ll get board waiting if something dosen’t Happen soon !

  7. Michelle

    I really don”t know when my horoscope was changed from Virgo to Leo , I am a Virgo could that be corrected. thank you

  8. Marcos

    No le agas a nadie lo que no te gustaria te icieran a ti!… Se siempre mejor que los demas, en sentimientos y acciones…

  9. Marilyn O'Neal

    Love it!!!! WHY??? Because you go Direct to your personal
    reading of the day. If you are starting a busy, busy, day can read
    your personl horoscope in a few minutes & be on your way.





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