Your LOVECAST®: Inspired Love and Cooperation

January 24-30, 2011

Moon in Libra at the start of the week can inspire love and cooperation or bring up a significant relationship issue. The mid-week Mercury-Saturn square can make it difficult to verbalize your feelings. Fortunately, Moon in Sagittarius energizes romance with fun, freedom and adventure on Friday and Saturday. Hidden feelings may erupt on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Aries: The lively partnership energy at the start of the week may inspire a lusty tryst. A discussion might arise about where your relationship is headed or how you feel about commitment. Romance sizzles on Friday and Saturday, when a spontaneous trip or exotic locale will heat up passion. Purging negative feelings helps love grow on Sunday.

Taurus: Your flair for creating beauty inspires romance at the beginning of the week. Anger or confusion may unhinge love temporarily mid-week, so strive for balance and clarity with your partner. Playfulness in the boudoir enlivens a lusty romp on Friday or Saturday, but you may need to lighten up if feelings become heavy on Sunday.

Gemini: Love has a serious vibe on Monday, but sharing your whimsical or spiritual side revs up romance on Tuesday. Engaging in a fantasy will inspire passion as well. Sex may seem overly complicated toward the middle of the week. Your activated partnership sector makes dating fun on Friday and Saturday. Staying grounded assists love on Sunday.

Cancer: Hosting a party or dining in with your sweetie can bring delight on Tuesday. Verbalizing your feelings to your partner may be challenging mid-week, although a sudden breakthrough is possible on Thursday. A generous gesture inspires romance on Friday or Saturday. Delving into the source of a relationship issue will help resolve it on Sunday.

Leo: Your emotions either help or hinder flirting and other communications on Monday, while a heartfelt message will inspire love on Tuesday. Look for romance while traveling, too. A clash of wills is likely toward the middle of the week. Romance kicks into high gear on Friday and Saturday, when your charisma and creativity are irresistible!

Virgo: Your sense of style draws admirers at the start of the week, while your wit and humor inspires a sexy tryst mid-week – if you don’t let a heated debate or misunderstanding derail romance. A lighthearted date at your abode will bring delight on Friday or Saturday. Emotional intensity will either unhinge or deepen romance on Sunday.

Libra: Your feelings may collide with common sense on Monday, but romance is sweet on Tuesday, when your mystique draws admirers. Stating what’s important to you will help dispel any confusion that arises mid-week. You’re especially brainy and eloquent on Friday and Saturday, so get out there and flirt! A family issue or pattern may upset love on Sunday.

Scorpio: Analyzing the past can bring a breakthrough in love at the start of the week. Feelings may escalate out of control or get bogged down by mixed messages toward the middle of the week. Still, doing something out of the ordinary can inspire romance on Thursday. Some sassy flirting sets passion ablaze on Friday and Saturday!

Sagittarius: A friend provides a valuable insight at the start of the week. Socializing is especially lively on Tuesday, when romance can be found through an organization or group gathering. A past relationship may be on your mind mid-week, so take some time to analyze what you’re feeling. Romance flows on Friday and escalates on Saturday, so plan a date!

Capricorn: Commitment or shared duties is the focus at the beginning of the week, when a compromise may be the best route to take. Socializing is unpredictable toward the middle of the week, so strive to spend time with uplifting friends. A natural or spiritual ambiance inspires love on Friday and Saturday. You’ll likely get irritated easily on Sunday.

Aquarius: Sharing your spiritual beliefs can deepen love at the start of the week. Romance can be found online, too. You may feel unusually prickly toward the middle of the week, especially if someone in authority triggers your rebellious side. A community event or friend may be instrumental in bringing romance on Friday or Saturday!

Pisces: An intimate encounter may feel stilted on Monday, but your gift for intuiting the needs of your partner can deepen passion on Tuesday. Just be sure your intentions are clear. Attending a public event or offering your expertise brings romance on Friday or Saturday. A social situation may get intense on Sunday, so avoid negative people.

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