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How Each Zodiac Sign Gets in Touch with Their Psychic Abilities

How Each Zodiac Sign Gets in Touch with The Psychic Abilities | California Psychics

All Zodiac Signs are Psychic

Everyone possesses some level of intuition, whether it’s a gut feeling or true clairvoyance. How each zodiac sign gets in touch with their psychic abilities is a little different, though. (Psychic ability and intuition will be used interchangeably in this article.) The keys to accessing all of your psychic abilities are trust and meditation and it is through trusting yourself that you’ll know who and what else to trust.

How the Zodiac Elements Affect Psychic Abilities

Usually there’s a mix of how intuitive information is received in each person due to their sun, moon, and rising sign often being in different signs. Be sure to read each of these to get a good idea of how you get in touch with your psychic abilities. Here’s a list of elements to get an idea of how each zodiac sign perceives and acts on intuitive impressions:

  • The Fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are associated with inspiration, passion, faith, and idealism, and they seem to act quickly on their intuitive ideas. They are frequently blessed with true claircognizance, which means clear knowing.
  • The Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are associated with emotion, intuition, mysticism, and extraordinary sensitivity. They feel things deeply and often like to meditate on any psychic impressions. They tend to have great clairsentience, which means clear feeling.
  • The Air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are associated with mental processes, intellect, reason, and communication, and seem to enjoy analyzing any psychic thoughts or ideas for clarity. They are often gifted with powerful clairvoyance, which is clear seeing.
  • The Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are associated with stability, practicality, realism, and sensation, and tend to act on what they feel with a kind of cautious pragmatism. They often possess strong clairaudience, which means clear hearing.

The Zodiac Signs


When the Ram needs to know something intuitively, they want to know it now, but must guard against being too impulsive. Often what they need to know just pops into their heads, but more elusive information can be obtained by practicing patient silence and going inward, where they’ll find their answers.


The Bull prides himself or herself on being cautious and practical, and they are careful in working with their psychic abilities. If they don’t block their intuition with distrust, they can sense what is going on just by silently taking in their surroundings. They can readily pick up psychic energy through touch, as in psychometry.


The Twins receive psychic thoughts in an almost mercurial way. Think of “The Flash,” for that’s the speed at which they receive their intuitive insights. This works as long as they don’t try to talk themselves out of their intuitive thoughts by using pure logic, for intuition transcends logical thought.


The moon-born Crabs feel their intuition deeply with their clairsentience, which can create an almost visceral vibration, especially in their stomachs. Some Cancer folks almost dread psychic insight, but they have no need to fear anything they might learn. All psychic ability is a gift given to zodiac signs to protect them.


The Lion is intuitively shown the way by his or her big heart, for love is their great guiding light. The wise ones know arrogance darkens this gift. They feel a sense of fiery enthusiasm that makes their psychic creativity shine like they do, for the proud Big Cats are ruled by the sun.


The Virgin is sensual, but also a practical thinker in the intuitive realm, and must take care to not think themselves out of their psychic impressions. Many Mercury-ruled solve what seem to be impossibly complex life puzzles with ease by trusting their gut.


The Venusian-ruled are especially perceptive when it comes to getting in touch with their psychic abilities. They often see things clearly when they make their plans, and if they trust themselves, they’ll know just which elements to bring into play to create the beauty they envision.


Scorpions are intensely psychic, visionary, and prophetic. They know things through every fiber of their being, feeling what is going on around them. They are sensitive, perceptive clairsentients, and can often read minds. They need the balance meditation brings, for they feel it all; the terrible agony and ecstatic bliss in themselves and others.


The Archer often dreams a thing before it happens, for precognition runs strong in the Centaur. They can get a little wild with what they intuitively know, so they must rein in some of their strongest impulses in order to manifest what they truly desire.


The practical Goat tends to be cautious with their psychic impressions, but by trusting in their inner voice, their clairaudience, they find they tend to be right. Many Saturn-born can build great things in life by letting their fine intuition guide them.


Thoughts flash into the Aquarian mind with crystal-clear clairvoyance, and they will know a thing in an instant without knowing in the usual way, and they learn to trust these intuitions early on. True visionaries, Water-Bearers are psychically electrified by Uranus, God of the Heavens, and ruler of Aquarians.


Deeply sensitive, natural mystics of the zodiac, the Neptunian-ruled Fish feels everything with their sensitive clairsentience. They usually know how you feel about something before you do and use their natural kindness and compassion to nurture you through it all.

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