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What Each Zodiac Sign Wishes They Could Be

What Each Zodiac Sign Wishes They Could Be | California Psychics

The Zodiac and Their Desires

Deep down, everyone wishes for something better for themselves. These desires might encompass achieving personal betterment, like attaining greater patience, deeper love, increased physical fitness, or a dream job, maybe something they’ve wanted to do since they were kids.

Most people want to be their best self, and be what they’ve always dreamt of becoming, but that isn’t always easy to do. It may take a lot of work, but if you’ve been given a wish in your heart, you’ve also been given the power to make it come true. Here’s a list to help answer the question, “What does each zodiac sign wish they could be?” Be sure to read your moon and rising sign in addition to your sun sign for a more complete picture.

The Dream Jobs of the Zodiac


The fiery Ram wishes to rule their world and everyone in it. Their innate ability to lead drives them to be the boss, the first, and the best in everything they do. They feel confident that they have what it takes to meet any challenge. The Mars-born desire to win, and can be top achievers as entrepreneurs, firefighters, world leaders, or race car drivers.


The Bull yearns to be stable and secure, especially financially. They see the value in being responsible and dependable. They use their natural stubbornness in a positive way by steadfastly pursuing their dreams. Many a Taurean finds fulfillment in being a writer, cook, money manager, or singer.


The Twins desire to make real connections through communication. They feel a kind of bliss when they have a true meeting of the minds with others. The Mercury-ruled wish they could be, and often are, top performers in public relations, social media, radio announcing, or master/mistress of ceremonies.


The Moon Child most wants to nurture, comfort, and help heal others. They feel a strong need to protect those who are vulnerable. Many Crabs are genuinely caring to those in need or ill, and love feeding them good food and helping bring them back to health. They can find true happiness using their intuition and empathy as doctors, nurses, therapists, or teachers.


The Lion aspires to be the star of everything they do and be adored by all. They delight in being generous to others, and proudly shine their warmth on their loved ones like the sun that rules them. It would fulfill the greatest wish of the Big Cat to be a much loved and highly respected movie star, filmmaker, stage performer, or journalist.


The Virgin wants, nay, needs, to work, be of service, and feel accomplished in a practical way. They delight in using their fine minds to do the most exacting and precise thinking, planning, and building of projects that ultimately serve others. They do very well as scientists, accountants, healers, and strategists.


The Venusian-ruled love creating balance and beauty. They long for peace and serenity but are quite capable of charmingly arguing their point. They always try to play fair in work and in love. Their natural graciousness and good will make them perfectly suited to be a counselor, makeup artist, negotiator, or interior decorator.


The Scorpion wants above all to love and be loved. They have an intense understanding of the depth and complexity of others because they themselves feel everything so profoundly. The sensitive, intuitive, empathic perception of those ruled by both Mars and Pluto helps them excel as an actor or actress, film director, investigator, or intuitive life coach.


The Archer aims for freedom in everything they say and do. They crave going to every place they have yet to explore and meeting all kinds of new people. Their boundless optimism keeps them hopeful, and many Centaurs would happily commit to becoming a world traveler, astronaut, professor, or horse rancher.


The Goat wishes to succeed in their mountain climb to the top of their profession. This is a mighty desire and they sense it will somehow be fulfilled, even if it takes them a lifetime. They hunger for financial security. A career that offers them rewarding work with a touch of class thrills them, such as being a banker, engineer, diamond merchant, or CEO.


Waterbearers have a keen thirst to help create a better world for all people. The Uranian-ruled are uncompromising in their high ideals. They are visionaries who witness the primitive world around us and know that there is a far more evolved future for everyone. They thrive on being a revolutionary, motivational speaker, philanthropist, or fine artist.


The Fish deeply wants to make their vivid dreams real, and they have the imagination and creativity to do just that. There’s something mystical in how hard they will work to manifest their desires. They love to inspire and be inspired, and they yearn to be a creator of all things fascinating. They would delight in being a dancer, musician, designer, or photographer.

Don’t Stop Chasing Your Dreams

Let Louisa May Alcott inspire you with what she said about wishes: “We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving, and we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.”

What Each Zodiac Sign Wishes They Could Be infographic | California Psychics

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