The Zodiac Signs From Luckiest to Least Lucky

Zodiac Signs from Luckiest to Least Lucky | California Psychics

Luck Isn’t Everything

Every zodiac sign carries blessings of luck, along with the burdens of unlucky occurrences. It’s just that some signs may feel like they struggle with luck more than others at times.

Please don’t worry if your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign might seem a bit less than lucky. You’ll soon see there can be commensurate rewards to compensate for the toughest trials. Each planet is ruled by gods that can work miracles in the most difficult circumstances.

You know that both luck and struggle are universal, but let’s look at the zodiac signs from luckiest to least lucky and see what can be done to shoo out bad luck and magnetize more good luck!

Who Feels Lucky?

1. Sagittarius, Ruled by Jupiter

The God Zeus rules Jupiter, one of the two great benefics (Venus is the other one) and gives amazing good luck. Good fortune seems to fall in the Archer’s lap, like an unseen hand shielding and guiding them. But if they take this for granted, they may start to get reckless and begin to make wild misses with their arrows, which can get messy. So, the Centaur must always use the wisdom they were blessed with so their lucky stars will continue to shine upon them.

2. Pisces, Ruled by Jupiter, and Neptune

Wonderful good luck appears to save, spare, and uplift the Fish. It’s like they can be caught up in the most perilous circumstances but miraculously be able to swim right over, around, or through them. It is as though their ruling Gods, Zeus, and Poseidon, protect them from the worst and bring them good fortune. They do. But the natural luck of the Piscean can turn wibbly-wobbly if they get lost in their dreams. The cure is to do the needed work and build foundations for their dreams to manifest in the real world, which can bring them great good luck indeed.

3. Scorpio, Ruled by Mars, and Pluto

Being ruled by both Ares, the God of War, and Hades, the God of Death, might seem incredibly unfortunate for the Scorpion, but astonishingly, even the most horrific events they may be forced to endure seem to always have a silver lining. It is as though they have Divine protection. If they can just cling to their inner faith and listen to that still small voice within telling them to trust that it will all work out for their good, they will see life really does get better for them, which makes them truly lucky.

4. Taurus, Ruled by Venus

Venus is one of the two awesome benefics (the other being Jupiter) and grants love, happiness, and abundance throughout the life of The Bull. By working hard, the security and financial well-being Taureans so need will pour into their lives. However, the Venusian-ruled tend to get into trouble through being too stubborn and hanging on to that which they must let go of. Once they do, the Goddess Aphrodite can keep the floodgates of the joyful good fortune they were born with wide open.

5. Libra, Ruled by Venus

The children of Venus can thank their lucky stars for the good fortune laid upon them. Even if their scales flip upside down in upset and anger, their inner equilibrium will always bring them back into balance. Their secret? The loving vibration of Venus always sets things right. The Goddess of Love watches over her Libran babies with a gentle hand, guiding them into all that is good, which includes plenty of luck, love, and money.

6. Leo, Ruled by the Sun

Ruled by the great and powerful light of the God Apollo, Big Cats are born with natural good luck. It is when they take their blessings for granted by developing arrogance and a sense of entitlement that they can interfere with their good fortune. But the truly lucky Lions recognize this early on and oblige themselves to be kind, loving, grateful, and generous, which they will find rewarding in every aspect of their lives.

7. Aquarius, Ruled by Saturn, and Uranus

Saturn, the God of Sowing and Wealth, and Uranus, the God of Heaven, rule Aquarians. Even so, these visionaries can sometimes feel like they must work unfairly hard to get anywhere close to the beautiful life they visualize for themselves. They may feel like they are forever treading a cosmic hamster wheel, trying to achieve their dreams. They can be stubborn and rebellious in electrifying and unexpected ways, but it is their strong will that helps the Water Bearer to push through difficulties and disappointments and carry on, which leads them right into the good luck and blessed life they always imagined.

8. Virgo, Ruled by Mercury

The God Hermes rules Virgo, but all the quick thinking he gives to the Virgin may not help much when it is burdened by perfectionism, for that demands a fierce, dear price to be paid in stress, worry, and anxiety. Their brilliant, Mercury-ruled minds can overanalyze what’s wrong until they feel overwhelmed. They work so hard to create order out of chaos, and desperately crave seemingly elusive peace of mind, all of which can make them feel less than lucky. Virgoans only need to let go a little bit and trust that they can succeed in achieving good fortune, and they will see it can manifest in a flash.

9. Cancer, Ruled by the Moon

Selene, the Mother Moon Goddess, gives her Moon Children the ability to empathically feel everything beneath those armored shells, and their hearts so often feel broken by life’s endless trials. They feel unfairly burdened by everything they must do to have some security and peace, and they don’t often feel very lucky. But it is the tender heart of the Crab that is their superpower, for Love will always help them find the way, which is truly fortunate.

10. Aries, Ruled by Mars

It’s a good thing the Ram has their fiery energy to sustain them because luck doesn’t seem to be consistent in their lives. Thanks to their ruling God, Ares, their war-like temper can betray them time and again. They often seem to crash into something positive, and just like that, turn it negative through carelessness. If they could just slow down a bit, avoid impulsivity, calm rash responses, and listen to their inner voice, they would be guided into the good fortune they seek.

11. Gemini, Ruled by Mercury

The luck of the Twins can be, shall we say, mercurial. Sometimes the inner Twins feel divided against each other, almost pulling themselves apart with conflicting thoughts and actions, resulting in the interference of their good fortune. The Mercury-born are so bright, they can end up outfoxing themselves, and they can overthink themselves to distraction. But when the Twins team up, they can sparkle and shine with their inborn brilliance, a gift from their ruling God Hermes, and see that when they are united, they can swiftly manifest wondrous good luck.

12. Capricorn, Ruled by Saturn

Saturn is ruled by the God Cronus, which means the Capricornian must grind hard for everything they get, and all that work can make the Sea-Goat dour. They don’t much believe in luck. They just want the cold, hard facts of life and be left alone to get on with climbing the life mountain they’ve chosen. To them, it looks like Mount Everest, and their innate pessimism makes their travails feel that much harder. But the blessing for the Saturnian is that their hard labors bring them all the goodies of living happily and well, which really is pretty lucky after all.

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