Zodiac Signs Ranked Most Sensible to Most Eccentric

Zodiac Signs Ranked: Most Sensible to the Most Eccentric | California Psychics

Connecting Zodiac Traits

Ask the average person on the street what they know about the zodiac, and there’s a good chance that they’ll be able to name a defining trait of at least a few sun signs. And while we are more than just our sun signs, there is something to be said about how many who share a sign also share key personality traits. These traits can be influenced by other aspects of our natal chart, but there is usually a common thread that links every one of a particular sign together.

Sensible and Eccentricity

Each zodiac sign rules many things, from flavors to parts of the body, to personality traits. The zodiac is also rather well divided between the signs that favor practicality over the dreamier side of life. Where do you fall on the Sensible to Eccentric list?


Capricorns don’t take a light view of life. Everything is a lesson and school is a serious business for them. Sensibility, stability, and stoicism are all excellent words to describe the sea-goat. Sometimes considered cold and calculating, there is more to this sign than what people usually see.


Much like their fellow Earth sign, Capricorn, Taurus the Bull is known to be fairly set in their ways. Pragmatic to a fault, they are always learning and can absorb new ideas and tasks like a sponge. There is emotion and a sense of fun there, it just takes a lot to get them to let their guard down.


Down-to-earth and focused on achievements in the material and physical planes, Virgos are known for presenting a picture of pure respectability to the world around them, with only those closest to them being able to see the softer side of this sign.


All about keeping things in balance, we have Librans. Although not against having some fun every so often, those born under Libra are very focused on keeping things in moderation and in check. Great at putting themselves into the shoes of others makes them master mediators.


They may be fiery in nature but being one of the Cardinal signs also gives them a sense of practicality. Although they may believe that they deserve top billing, they generally won’t step too far out of the box of what is expected of them.


Sagittarians might find themselves longing to be part of the ‘cool kids’ but they often hold themselves back from going the whole hog. They may announce that they are going to get a tattoo but stick with something small, hidable, and tasteful rather than becoming a tapestry of colors and images.


Leos tend to be focused on achieving the limelight and because of that, tend to do the unexpected in order to become the center of attention. Their unpredictability, paired with a theatrical flair, can bring about some rather interesting and unique situations that can highlight Leo in all their glory.


Though they are known for being intuitive and emotional, Cancerians don’t care much for change and the unanticipated. The homebody of the zodiac, they do well within boundaries that they set for themselves. They tend to be less experimental than other signs. They often have an attraction to the past.


With one face to the past and the other to the future, you would expect Geminis to be too preoccupied with life to have fun, but you would be wrong. These creative individuals are not afraid to walk their own path, even if it seems crazy to those around them. Perhaps it’s their ability to view two different directions at once that this sign likes to have fun and be in the moment.


This sign is notorious for being mysterious and enigmatic. They have complex personalities that often bring them into conflict with themselves and their beliefs. Drawn to the unknown and all things weird and wonderful, this sign embraces all that the season it falls under is known for.


As a well-known song stated, “Golden living dreams of visions, Mystic crystal revelation, And the mind’s true liberation, Aquarius… Aquarius.” Aquarians are independent, industrious, and always looking to break the rules of traditional thought. Aquarians are the rebels – original thinkers who have no problem challenging the status quo.


These are the visionaries of the zodiac. Often manifesting in a fascination with the spiritual and metaphysical, they may be active in a group or just drawn to the creative, occult, and the weird. Because they tend to be authentic in their lives, they won’t hide who they are and will unabashedly follow their own drummer. Sometimes, their eccentricity can make navigating the ‘normal’ world challenging, but they are always up for the challenge and opportunity to color the world around them.

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