Life’s Lessons on Repeat?

Lessons on Repeat

Do You Ignore Life’s Lessons?

Recently I saw a clever shirt upon which was written: “Oh, no! Not another learning experience!” It prompted me to consider: What does it mean to have the same situations repeat in our lives? Are they really learning experiences or lessons that we are refusing to embrace or are they even greater concepts that are seeking a deeper mind? Are we caught in some kind of karmic “loop”?

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Feeding an Unwanted Result

And then I thought about the martial art of Tai Chi. When utilizing Tai Chi, the martial artist uses the opponent’s energy in order to defeat the adversary. The Tai Chi master doesn’t CREATE energy but is in complete control of its flow. A great lesson can be learned from this. Even in deflecting the energy we do not want to encounter, we often inadvertently create more energy that feeds the unwanted result.

The Same Type of Person

Many times we encounter the same type of person in our romantic relationships or in our professional lives. We may often think that it is just “bad luck” or we might even begin to doubt our self-worth after so many disappointments. What good is having so many life lessons when we keep falling into the same old routines and getting the same unwanted results?

Appreciate the Energy

Perhaps the answer lies in the very profound way in which the Tai Chi master perceives energy: It is only deemed as “wanted” or “unwanted” and little else. This determination is all the alteration needed. The energy is simply returned to the one who sent it…or it is graciously received. If pain is created by the encounter, a true master will show gratitude for the energy that was delivered so that a great understanding can be achieved. If kindness is the energy offered, then it is received with great, but different, appreciation, also.

No One Can Take Your Power

What would your life become if, upon encountering someone who has caused you a perceived anxiety, you looked beyond WHAT they were triggering in you and asked WHY it was causing such a reaction? Are they offering you a GIFT to look at areas of your life in which you wish to improve? Are they TEACHING you to accept and embrace confidence in your own abilities so that you can withstand opposing views? After all, no one takes power from you. Your power must be surrendered and delivered in order to be lost.

Leading With a Victim’s Mentality

When you think back on your life, consider the ripples in the pond more than the stone that was thrown. If you experienced a traumatic event as a child, look at what has been the subsequent result in your life as time has moved on. Do you continue to see the trauma as a shield that will keep you in a perpetual victimized state while offering you a perceived form of shelter? When you meet new people do you “lead” with a victim mentality or are you confident enough to let people see your strengths? Do you think your wounds and scars are all that make you different or special? Did your divorce make it impossible for you to trust another person because of the betrayal you experienced at the hands of your partner? What possible good ever comes from that kind of “protection”? There is a very thin line between “protection” and “isolation.” The line is even thinner and more blurred between “victim” and “social paralysis.”

Practice, Not Perfection

True grace comes from accepting your challenges and appreciating your ability to move beyond them. Don’t let yourself get bogged down in guilt or shame. Don’t hold yourself to such a high standard that you may never attain it. Life is about practice, not perfection.

Become a Peaceful Warrior

While there will always be situations in life that test and try us, we become peaceful warriors in every scenario when we use our full senses to be aware of our environment and those who share it with us. Be open to your psychic energy and allow yourself to see things in a much clearer, simpler and broader sense. Before long, even the most challenging of life lessons becomes simply more ripples in the eternal pond.

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5 thoughts on “Life’s Lessons on Repeat?

  1. Psychic Pauline

    Wonderful article, Jelena!
    Breaking a negative habit pattern isn’t easy but it is necessary. We are here to learn and grow. It is all about the advancement of the spirit. The Universe will throw the same situations at us until we can get beyond the fear and create change. Change is a good thing and should not be feared. I totally agree with your statement about personal power. Nobody can take it from us so don’t give it away because it is the one of the most valuable things we have. Five stars to you, Jelena!!!

  2. Jelena 5842

    Thank you for your comments. I am delighted to aid or to inspire whenever I can. I am hoping to write more of such articles in the future. Your comments mean a great deal to me!

  3. Jesse 9027

    What a brilliant! article! Those are some great insights. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom. I hope we hear more from you soon!

  4. Stevie x5778

    really great article! When any of us look back on our experiences I am sure we find these repeat situations. It’s just the Universe asking, have you graduated to the next level?


  5. Fey

    Interesting article. I have recently run into a lot of repeat lessons. Some of them are repeating on a daily basis. I have not considered the energy involved, or the gifts that may be being offered. Very interesting concept. Thanks


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