The Best Crystals to Use During a Psychic Reading

Best Crystals to Use During a Psychic Reading | California Psychics

Crystals as Psychic Aids

You are psychic. Or to use another word for it, intuitive. We are all psychic/intuitive. We all have the ability to feel, sense, and somehow know things in a way that can best be described as mystical. In the song “Beautiful Day” by U2, Bono sings the truth: “What you don’t know you can feel somehow…”

It is a sacred act to give a psychic reading. You are entering into the secret soul chambers of another person who is trusting you to channel Spirit and help guide them. We all need readings at times, for when emotions cause an inner hurricane, it can be hard to clearly see where we need to go.

If you feel inspired in your heart to give or receive psychic readings, first call upon Spirit to assist you. We will always have many heavenly helpers in our guardian angels and spirit guides, and there are abundant crystal energies you can call upon to help you. You can choose any that speaks to you, and to assist you in making excellent choices, here is a list that includes many of the best crystals to use during a psychic reading.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the master manifesting crystal, and this colorless crystal is connected to all chakras. It will help you understand what Spirit wants you to say in each reading. Always say a little prayer that Spirit will speak through you, and clear quartz will help you have clear sight and inner knowing. It will show you what needs to be said and done in order to manifest desires.

Black Tourmaline

The glistening black beauty known as Black Tourmaline is the master protector from negative vibrations of every kind. Linked with the Root Chakra, it is powerful in its ability to absorb and dispel dark energy and acts as a psychic shield during readings. It is very grounding and protects against electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Sometimes people are in awful physical, mental, or emotional pain, be they reader, querent, or both, and this crystal can help release any hurt, anguish, or anxiety, and open the path to a truly positive reading experience.


Amethyst is the great guardian and guide of all things psychic/intuitive. Its deep purple hue is aligned with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and is a powerful conduit for channeling Divine energy. If you feel drawn to its gorgeous color, it means your psychic gifts are opening and growing. Amethyst brings clarity as well as supplies and sustains the needed physical and spiritual energy during each reading, giving strength, stability, and a profound sense of Oneness with Spirit.


The soft, heavenly blue hue of Celestite belongs mainly to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, though it arouses the Crown Chakra as well. It inspires truth, opens communication, and calms emotion as it helps you make a direct connection with celestial beings, spiritual guides, and guardian angels. It is known to open you to Divine Enlightenment during meditation and in readings.

Rose Quartz

The gentle pink color of Rose Quartz aligns with the Heart Chakra. It helps you stay centered in your heart as it inspires compassion, empathy, and healing thoughts, feelings, and words. The great majority of readings are about love, and messages are sometimes difficult to share and receive, but this heart stone can give the needed lovingkindness to heal heartache and uplift the soul. It helps bring about reconciliation as well as new love.


Labradorite emits energy that helps you create hope where there was none before. It assists in clearing out the negative and replaces it with all that is positive, loving, and good. Connected mainly to the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, it empowers telepathic ability and aids you in accessing the Akashic Records for Divine insight. This stone shines with a rainbow of blues, greens, yellows, and violets and helps create and keep emotional balance. It grounds and steadies during intensive readings, bringing out the best in people.


For bringing in the bright beauty of the sun’s radiant light and connecting it to the soul, Citrine works wonders in readings. Linked to the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, this orange and yellow gemstone helps create hope, joy, and success. It brings mental clarity that weaves reason and intuition together into a practical form of guidance. It boosts willpower and self-esteem, and it is amazing in helping to manifest great good fortune in all things.


Azurite is a beautiful, deep royal blue gemstone aligned with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras. It is said to be one of the biblical stones included on High Priest Aaron’s Breastplate. It reveals the truth in all things. Also known as Lapis Linguis, it was favored by the great psychic, Edgar Cayce. He said it raises psychic vibrations, and that holding it for just a few minutes will amplify your psychic abilities. (We are warned to not wear it on a daily basis, as that could produce an ungrounding effect.) Cayce spoke of how it gives greater mental and spiritual development, as well as strength to the body.

Lapis Lazuli

Another deep blue stone mentioned by Edgar Cayce is Lapis Lazuli. Also connected to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, it is laced with specks and threads of golden pyrite. This pretty crystal is known to help give you sharp focus as you receive direct spiritual guidance. Like Azurite, it can help both reader and querent to remain calm and peaceful. It assists you in seeing what is true and making accurate connections between psychic impressions received with or without Tarot cards, or any tool that might be used while reading.


The deep green hues of Malachite are linked with the Heart Chakra. Edgar Cayce taught that Malachite activates your psychic abilities and is protective of your auric field. It is a great grounder and helps shield you from negative energy. This gemstone assists in manifesting desired transformation in all areas of life. It radiates healing energy and is a magnet for love and financial abundance.

Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone

The moon herself is represented by this gleaming white crystal with its splotches of black that resemble the moon’s craters in the night sky, along with its relative that shimmers like a rainbow. Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone align mainly with the Crown Chakra, even though they activate all the chakras, and gently connect with the Divine feminine in all sexes. They assist in manifesting Divine inspiration, insight, new beginnings, releasing stress and tension, and in helping one see their soul’s purpose. As psychic protectors, they keep you safe while helping your intuition flow like the sea. They are strong guardians during travel, including astral travel. They aid you in having sweet sleep and psychic dreams. They are known to increase the gift of prophecy in readings.

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