Your Daily Focus: April 2 – 8

Daily Focus: Apr 2-8 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

When you first learn about astrology, it’s usually focused on sun signs. The month of your birth is indeed very important to your personal astrological makeup, but it is by no means the most important one. In fact, there is no single piece of this puzzle that is more important than another. Even something as obscure as which house and sign Pluto falls in can have a profound effect on your overall chart. Your moon, however, is deeply important to understanding yourself better. If we can think about the sun as the masculine, physical, the external; then it makes sense that our sun sign rules out outward personality. The moon, however, is the internal. It’s our deepest feelings, our intuition, our fears. It is who we are when we’re lying awake at night, replaying scenes from the day, and critiquing our performance.

In this week’s Daily Focus, I want to look at moon signs, and a few pairs that I think make for great partners, in friendship, and in romance. If you’re unsure about your moon sign, you can use a birth chart calculator to find out, or you can join the California Psychic Karma Rewards program, and receive your complimentary birth chart upon sign up.

Saturday, April 2

“Aquarius and Gemini are both torn between adventure and comfort. They have a strong sense of curiosity as Air signs, but they also both seek affection, connection, and safety as well.”

Both Aquarius and Gemini are Air signs, which means they connect on an elemental level. As a moon sign, they both manifest as a deep desire to know everything, to find the answers to the mysteries of life, and to explore all the flavors of the world. While Aquarius is more likely to settle down, favor monogamy, or want to put down roots, these two signs bond over a deep desire to solve life’s mysteries. This is a pair you can find discussing conspiracy theories or the meaning of life at all hours of the day.

Sunday, April 3

“Libra and Scorpio might seem like an odd pair, but the moon creates a tighter inner circle for Libra while creating a similar need for loyalty in someone with a Scorpio moon.”

Both of these moon signs manifest as a desire for a tight social circle. When the sun is in Libra, we are much more social, pushing that circle out and expanding it. With Libra as a moon sign, it pulls that circle tighter and creates someone who needs attention but only from a trusted group of people. Scorpio operates similarly. Scorpio loves intense, deep, meaningful connections. This is a pair who can get together to gossip, share deep secrets, and create a unique bond based around trust for each other, and potentially the distrust of others.

Monday, April 4

“Virgo and Capricorn both manifest as perfectionists as moon signs, with a tendency toward the critical. These moon signs bond over strong goals and a need to present themselves as capable.”

Earth moon signs can be tough, as they can make us very critical of ourselves. People with both Virgo and Capricorn moons are very driven. They can be prone to nitpicking their own behavior. As a sun sign, this might extend outward to others as judgment, but the moon turns it inward and reflects that light back on ourselves. It can be good to chat with someone who gets it, as it’s always easier for these moon signs to be critical of themselves while offering grace to others.

Tuesday, April 5

“Leo and Sagittarius are both Fire moons who have the ability to laugh at themselves, and not take life too seriously. These moon signs bond over their self-deprecating humor.”

Fire moons are the most easygoing, and both signs create people with a dry, self-deprecating sense of humor and great wit. People with Fire moon signs often unintentionally seek each other out, so if you have one, it’s likely one of your closest friends does too.

Wednesday, April 6

“Aries and Taurus both know what they want, even if what they want is different. These moon signs manifest as a strong personality, with an ability to test limits for Aries, and set boundaries for Taurus.”

Aries wants to seize the world; Taurus wants to create their own perfect world right where they are. Together, they make a wonderful team. Both moon signs are idealistic and want the best for themselves. They enjoy luxurious excitement. Aries is always down to try new things, but they know how to make Taurus feel safe and secure while doing it.

Thursday, April 7

“Pisces and Cancer, the feelers of the signs, have that emotion turned inward as moon signs. Both moon signs can be self-critical, and often get lost in daydreams. However, they often also have the deepest intuition and empathy.”

A Water moon can be a bit of a burden, and the only people who really get it are other Water moons. Like Fire moons, these signs tend to seek each other out subconsciously, because they find other people who do understand, and who they can text in the middle of the night with some wild hopes and fears, knowing the other person will be lying awake, thinking the same things as well.

Friday, April 8

“Compatible moon signs tend to connect on a deeper level, they have more in common when it comes to hopes, dreams, and how they view themselves. Where sun signs might feel drawn to their native brethren and connect over big, bold personality traits, moon signs will find connection in deeper, more meaningful ways.”

I urge you to look not just at the sun sign of your close friends and partners, but at their moon signs as well. Are they similar to their sun sign? Are you surprised by what you find? Does it all suddenly make sense? The more we learn about astrology, the more ways we find to connect. There are people we are drawn to for their sense of adventure, and there are people we are drawn to because they understand our strange idiosyncrasies.

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    If you’re unsure about your moon sign, you can use a birth chart calculator to find out, or you can join the California Psychic Karma Rewards program, and receive your complimentary birth chart upon sign up.
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