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Understanding Your Daily Focus

Greetings, gentle readers! Welcome to the glorious month of June! This is a month named for the Roman goddess, Juno. She was said to preside over marriage and domestic life. Even in our fast paced 21st century world, it is still considered good fortune to marry in June.

This month also welcomes the first day of Summer, also known as the Summer Solstice. This is the point when the longest day of sunlight welcomes in the new season. The New Moon on June 3 will make a great night for sky watching. The stars will be easily seen and should definitely be enjoyed!

During my meditation for this issue of Daily Focus, I was directed to the ancient majesty of the life forces around us all. My Guides pointed me to some of the life forces that have endured across all known time. Specifically, they wanted me to explore the Great White Shark.

This is an animal that has changed very little in more than 100 million years! It is so resilient that scientists cannot determine a natural lifespan for these amazing animals. Even with all this information, I could not immediately identify why such an image was being presented for you today.

That’s when they showed me the vulnerability of this magnificent creature. The shark is one of the only animals in the sea that can drown. This happens only when the animal is pulled backward. This animal has endured millions of years and yet something like going backward can kill it!

Here is the correlation that my Guides wanted to offer you: it is only when we stay focused on what is behind us, when we allow ourselves to be “pulled back” into the past, that we cease to be alive. Unlike the Great White, we will still be technically alive, but there will be no life in our existence.

Releasing your past and embracing the hope and horizon of the future is the focus for this edition of Your Daily Focus. Your eyes are placed in the front of your head because that is the direction of your destiny. Let’s go forward into the future!

June 1

“I will re-write my past using gratitude as my guide”.

When we look at our past, we rarely see it as it actually was. It is either romanticized or demonized. Today is a wonderful day to look back in gratitude and then release it. After all, the good things in your life today would not have existed if you had not endured some of those scars from your past. The first day of June makes a great day to move on.

June 2

“I am not a single chapter in my life’s book. At any point, I can change the ending”.

Sometimes it is easy to think that life is stuck in a rut and you have no power to change it. That kind of thinking is a delusion. You have ALL the power to change the way you perceive your life. It is waiting for your permission.

June 3

“Even the broken pieces of my life can be seen as part of the beautiful mosaic that is my story”.

When you look back on your life and see the hardships you have endured, take a moment to send gratitude into those challenging times. You survived them and you can see just how strong you really are. You did it and you can do it again. You are stronger than the obstacles that try to define you.

June 4

“My life’s journey is being written every day by the choices I make. I decide the road ahead”.

There is such an amazing amount of energy that goes unnoticed in your life! Every day you make decisions that cause a ripple effect that transcends what you may see as your reality. Your attitude and your perception can make the seemingly impossible become a regular part of your life.

June 5

“I’ll chuck it in the bucket and move on!”

Closure will happen the moment you give yourself permission to see all the energy, time, and heart you have invested, and that you no longer need one directional relationships. It is important to look at things without emotion or projection of fantasy. Give yourself permission to be free from the betrayal, pain and sadness.

June 6

“Fear of being alone will no longer determine why I stay”.

It’s natural to think that leaving a relationship will result in many years of loneliness. It’s not true, but it’s a natural fear. However, when you allow yourself to fall in love with YOU, there will ALWAYS be someone new coming. That kind of self-love and positivity creates a beacon of light that will attract people who appreciate its origin.

June 7

“Moving on doesn’t mean you must forget. It means you have chosen happiness over hurt”.

Now is a perfect time to assess the amazing progress you have made in your life. You have a bright future and you control how much rain you will allow to alter that horizon. You are far greater than the sum of your pain.

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    This is my life right now! This was foresight into today and the next 6 days, dead on correct, WOW, thanks for this reading, it was ment for me this week!


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