Learn to Balance Your Masculine and Feminine Energies

How to Balance and Harmonize Masculine and Feminine Energies | California Psychics

A Perfect Balance

No matter what our biological sex may be, we all have a mixture of both feminine and masculine energies, and in order to live life to its fullest we need both in our daily lives. Learning about these aspects and how they manifest is a major step in finding true balance and happiness.

We are all undoubtedly familiar with the symbol for Yin and Yang, the ancient Chinese concept of dualism. The dark swirl, the yin, represents femininity, shadows, and the wave’s trough. The light swirl, the yang, is associated with brightness, passion, growth, and the masculine. We often think of other people as the yin to our yang, but we can’t overlook the fact that we have those energies inside us as well. There is a saying by Hermes Trismegistus from The Emerald Tablet that states: “That which is above is like to that which is below, and that which is below is like to that which is above.” Basically, it comes down to that which is found outside of me can also be found inside of me. The Macrocosm is reflected in the Microcosm and vice versa.

What is Masculine Energy?

Masculine energy is all about doing and is marked by logic, reason, and confidence. It is action over thinking and feeling. Other attributes that are given to the Masculine current are projective, focused, achieving, planning, driven, and goal oriented. Masculine energy is active and assertive, knowing where it is going and takes necessary steps to get there. This type of energy is not receptive, but rather is the sender.

Too much of anything is usually a bad thing, and the same can be said of Masculine energy. When we are imbalanced and have too much Masculine energy, it can present itself as aggression, being confrontational or controlling, micromanagement, or a highly competitive nature.

What is Feminine Energy?

The Feminine is intuitive, oriented to receiving and allowing, and characterized by being. It is all about the intuitive mind, being fluid, allowing for feelings and being vulnerable, and creativity. Feminine energy is passive and is open to receive rather than being a sender.

When we have too much Feminine energy, we may find ourselves displaying the following symptoms: feelings of powerlessness, being needy or clingy, overly sensitive, co-dependent, and/or becoming manipulative.

Why They Need to be Balanced

Maintaining a balance of our yin and yang allows us to have access to the best that both currents provide, without having to worry about the detrimental aspects that being out of balance can cause. When they are balanced we feel a deeper sense of peace, contentment, compassion, direction, and confidence. One caveat is that we will never be 100% in balance, as the energies are constantly flowing and if you focus too much on the doing you will lose out on experiencing. No one is always the same percentage of both energies either. Different situations will bring out different aspects of a person’s individuality. Some days one may feel more confident and assertive, and on other days more emotional and intuitive. The important thing to remember is that we are striving to be as close to balanced as possible. It isn’t a competition or test.

How to Balance Your Two Halves

For Feminine Energy

  • Meditate Daily: Try to spend at least 10 to 20 minutes a day meditating.
  • Dance: Getting your body moving to favorite songs is a wonderful way to allow yourself to feel and simply respond.
  • Create: Whether you are a budding writer, painter, or knitter, take time each day to create something.
  • Spend Time in Nature: Get outside, take a walk, and enjoy the peace and tranquility.
  • Stop Conforming: Feminine energy is all about going with the flow and not restraining your inner self.

For Masculine Energy

  • Do Something Fulfilling: Read, set aside work at a regular time each day, or take a trip.
  • Set Goals: There is something wonderful about completing a task and reaching your goals.
  • Spend Time with Friends: Being around people will help maintain a balance of giving and receiving.
  • Pay Attention to Your Emotions: Journaling is a fantastic way to acknowledge your emotions and reflect on them later.

For Both

  • Balance Your Chakras: If your chakras are blocked or out of alignment, you will feel the effects and will make any other imbalances worse.
  • Be Accountable for Your life. Your happiness is in your control, live it authentically.
  • Do an Elemental Balancing. If your Masculine and Feminine are out of balance, it might be because we are elementally out of balance. You can find instructions on doing this here.

There’s Beauty in Duality

Taking the time to acknowledge that we are a complex blend of both Feminine and Masculine energy can help us to live a more balanced and fulfilling life. There is nothing wrong with a woman who is competitive or a man who is emotional. Accepting duality within ourselves and without will allow us to be more accepting and open to possibilities around us.

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