Your Daily Focus: March 6 – 12

Your Daily Focus: March 6-12 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Today I want to head back to my favorite subject, Tarot. There is a lot of fear around the Bad Cards in the deck. People have even been known to ask if the Death card can be removed from the deck before a reading. However, this has everything to do with superstition and nothing to do with the meaning of the card itself. We will get to the Death card later on, but I want to look at some of the more innocuous-looking cards with negative connotations, and hopefully, I can dispel some rumors and fear around these so-called Bad Cards!

Saturday, March 6

Five of Coins

“Two people in rags hobble across a snow-filled street, they are barefoot, weakened, and dirty. It’s clear that they are seeking shelter and help.”

The Five of Coins is often referred to as the miser card, and its meaning is clear in the image it presents. It is a card of financial hardship, of losing big, of having much less than you need. When in a spread, it can also represent pinching pennies and being very careful with spending, but if it comes up when looking at your future or finances—be wary of what’s to come. 

Sunday, March 7

Five of Wands

“A group of men holding large rods clash with each other in a circle.”

The suit of Wands is all about fire. Passion, anger, energy, lust, and creativity. All of these things are brimming at the surface. They are actions as much as they are feelings. The Fives are all midway points in the cycles of their suits, and they all represent some kind of setback. The Five of Wands is all about conflict, issues coming to a head, and violence. If this card comes up, be ready for a fight.

Monday, March 8

Five of Cups

“A cloaked figure stands looking down at five empty cups, spilling into the dirt.”

The last Five I’m going to touch on this week is the Five of Cups. Watery, heart-filled cups, spilled on the ground. This is a card of regret, of wishing you could go back and do things differently. It’s a reminder that you need to take a moment here in this space, and then move on.

Tuesday, March 9

Ten of Swords

“A figure lies on the ground, face down, with ten swords stuck into his back.”

Oh boy, the Ten of Swords. This is arguably the darkest card in the deck, and it represents endings. In short, this is the worst that things can get, which also means there is nowhere to go from here except up. When this card shows up, let yourself grieve, say goodbye to what you need to say goodbye to, and start moving forward again.

Wednesday, March 10

The Moon

“Two dogs on the bank of a body of water howl at a Full Moon, who gazes down on them. From the water, a lobster is crawling out onto the shore, also moving toward the moon.”

The Moon is the divine feminine, the internal, the psychic, the intuition. This is a card that has many meanings, and it is often associated with magic and mysticism. However, the night is a time of troubles. The darkness hides things from us. This card often indicates depression or deep internal sadness.

Thursday, March 11

The Tower

“A tower burns, struck by lightning, as figures fall toward the earth.”

Here lies trouble. The Tower indicates major change, and it means change you’ve been averse to. This is a card of chaos and losing control. If you’ve been hyper-focused on a specific bad thing happening, it’s now coming to fruition. This card, more than any other, signifies things not going your way. There is resistance to this change, but the lightning coming from above is a reminder that this change is fated, and that the path you should be on is somewhere you could not have gotten to on your own, without this interference.

Friday, March 12


“Death, dressed in black like a knight and with the head of a skeleton, rides in on a pale horse. He holds a flag with a flower, waving it above him as below, the horse steps over bodies and approaches a lone standing figure, draped in gold. The sun behind his head makes it look as though he is wearing a crown.”

Death! People don’t like this card, and I get it. We’ve all seen the movie where the psychic, draped in gauzy scarves, flips over the death card and ominous music begins to play. This card can be seen as an omen of bad things to come, and it can certainly be read literally—as death—however, it falls in the middle of the major arcana, and does not represent any sort of ending of life. The flag that the figure waves has a flower because death brings new life. This is a card about the circle of life, and about endings. It comes up when you’re leaving a job, graduating college, or breaking up with a partner. It is about a metaphorical death, the ending of something that will be recycled into your spiritual ecosystem, and come back as something beautiful.

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