Psychic Picks: Top Psychics for Life Path Readings

Who Do You Want to Be?

Throughout my life, I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now that I’m grown up, people ask me where I am going on my life path. There are times I know exactly where I’m headed in my life, love and career. It’s those other times when I need some help. So I did a bit of research and if you are looking for a life path reading, I recommend the following psychics:

Psychic Regina ext. 5764

Regina specializes in connecting with spirit guides and bringing your questions to them. As such, you will want to come to the reading with at least one question prepared. She specifically asks her guides for advice on the best next steps to take, along with possible options and alternate outcomes. She believes that no one has to be a victim of bad luck and it will never soothe you to stay in a painful situation. Her guides are all about action and empowerment! Not feeling empowered or in control of your life? Talk with Regina to find out how things will turn out and what you can do.

Psychic Audrey ext. 5735

Audrey has a straightforward delivery coupled with a warm heart. She starts by asking your name, date of birth and sometimes hair color. Please concentrate on your question as you ask it and she will share exactly what she feels, hears, and/or sees. You may hear her talk to guides, ask questions out loud, or repeat messages meant for you. A strong clairvoyant, Audrey tells you what she sees and believes that honesty comes first. Want to know where you’re headed next? Talk with Audrey and get your life path reading today.

Psychic Chanel ext. 5432

Chanel encourages her clients to approach the readings with a specific question and/or topic to discuss as her messages are very specific and direct. She pairs her ability to see, hear and feel the needs of her callers with years of knowledge as an astrologer to provide an in-depth profile of the individuals and/or situation being discussed. She specializes in helping her clients understand and improve the communication techniques they use within their relationships. She can teach them how to neutralize disagreements, overcome challenges and bring about positive reform in a non-threatening manner. Tired of hearing nothing but excuses from others? Then it’s time to get a life path reading from Chanel and decide on your next steps.

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  1. Rick

    Heres and idea. Take the money you would have been willing to spend on a and dotnae it to a good charity. Then let karma bring you good fortune and solve your problems.


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