Revitalize Your Goals with the Spring Equinox

Revitalize Your Goals with the Spring Equinox | California Psychics

Finding New Energy

While you were celebrating the new year a few months back, you may have made a couple of resolutions that never quite made it off the ground. And that’s okay, because you may have been waiting for now, the first day of Spring, the Spring Equinox, and the return of Aries, the first and youngest sign of the zodiac, to really get going on them.

The Spring Equinox brings light back to your favor starting March 19 when we’ll see an equal split of both daylight and darkness. After that, it is a downhill stroll, with each day bringing more light than dark, and with more light comes more energy and more clarity. And let’s not forget that Aries, the Fire sign symbolized by the ram, usually comes barreling into the Spring Equinox with an abundance of newfound energy and potential. But energy and potential can’t accomplish near as much without focus.

The young ram is a great initiator for giving your dreams flight, but only when you can provide a clear path for all that energy. And there are five steps you can take now to prepare yourself to focus that energy in the right places.

Accept and Learn from the Past

As the sun extends its stay in your hemisphere, you will notice shadows shift, and things that may have been blocked from your view are now in the open. But you are a complex soul and you may have to roll over rocks and push away some old tumbleweeds from the previous months to give yourself a better view. This means reflecting back on past mistakes that you may be blocking from your conscious and accept them so that you can learn what needs to be improved to give you a better chance at succeeding in the astrological year to come.

Balance Goals

The shift in shadows also opens up the opportunity to see areas of your life that need work. Shuffle through your current goals to make sure these are really coming from your spirit as opposed to what other people have pushed on you. Being a universal month of lucky seven, a.k.a. the third month of the year, 2020 (3+2+0+2+0 = 7), opens the opportunity to use the introspection of Pisces season to tap into what it is you truly want. You can then use the energy of Aries after March 21 to turn those wants into an actionable plan.

Conscious Creation

If goals are the tools used to paint the life you want, conscious creation would undoubtedly be the canvas. Dreams are diffuse ideas, goals are direct intentions, introspection is the thought process guiding those plans, and conscious creation is the action used to guide your journey to aligning your conscious with those goals. Manifesting your dreams is not a simple jaunt from A to B, it is a process by which you need to be aware of your thinking, your feelings, and your beliefs in order to identify opportunities that you might otherwise pass by from not appearing exactly as you imagined in the idea stage.

Reassess, One Quarter at a Time

The Spring Equinox should be a reminder of how much can change in one quarter. Think back on the Winter Solstice of last year and how much has happened since then. The last three months have been about introspection and conserving energy for the new growth to come. And look at you now, with all these ideas, poised to receive the energy and confidence to pursue them. But just as each season opens new opportunities for life, each quarter has its own energy and strengths. The upcoming Summer Solstice will offer another opportunity to reassess your progress and make any changes necessary to align your goals to your conscious – so pace your expectations, one quarter at a time.

Fresh Start

There is no better start to the astrological year than giving yourself permission to accept past mistakes, failed intentions, and lost time. The truth is, there is nothing to feel remorse about, since each mistake allows the opportunity to learn. Every failed intention spurs the ember of renewed drive, and the Spring Equinox resets the clock, giving you a clean slate from which to start again. First though, take a deep breath, and start with the first step. You don’t have to know all the answers at once, our Astrology Psychics are here to help – you’ve got this!

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