The Role Community Plays in Your Life

The Role Community Plays in Your Life | California Psychics

The Value of Community

What do you think about when you hear the word, community? Perhaps you think about improved healthcare, better education, or cleaner streets. Community can be found in your neighborhood, church, or any gathering of people with a common goal in mind. But more importantly, it is most often found within a group of people who care about each other. A community must understand and trust each other in order to spark real magic, which is the creation of new ideas, the drive to motivate, and the accomplishment of those goals; but it can do so much more.

No Longer Isolated

Many people find themselves isolated in life. Even if they are not truly alone, they are often alone in their thoughts, their goals, and their dreams. But here is something to think about: when you spend your life working to improve only yourself, you are missing out on true happiness. Your own happiness should never be an end goal, because it rarely comes from any set of circumstances you can work for. It comes from releasing yourself from the expectation to make yourself happy and putting that energy into improving the lives of others – which is actually a lot easier (and more fulfilling) to accomplish. Community is about exchanging your isolation for belonging and co-creating a community of which to be proud.

True Joy

Working in your community equals a loss of time, money, energy, and focus on yourself. But what you get back is worth so much more, according to Dr. George E. Vaillant, MD. Vaillant discovered many decades ago that the secret to a happy life is a happy wife. Also a happy husband, neighbor, gardener, grocery bagger, and the list goes on. What brings people true happiness is fostering connections to other people and creating memories and joy through those connections. And despite what the Dunbar Rule may suggest, there is no limit to the number of connections one person should attempt to achieve and maintain within their community.

Connections Multiply Opportunities

British anthropologist, Robin Dunbar, limited our ability to foster meaningful connections to an exact number – 150. He said, in so many words, that you can only maintain a relationship with 150 people before you start to run out of calendar space, time, and energy. And so, a lot of people draw the shutters once their circle begins to appear full. But even if your dance card has been taken off the market, there is one thought that may help you reconsider. If you could match the right people up with each other, you would have even more love, friendship, inventions, and solutions to big problems. Joining a community and opening your time and attention to every member that crosses your path multiplies your opportunities exponentially. Fostering your close relationships is important, but so is reaching out beyond your circle to create new intensity, motivation, and ideas, and when you reach into the circles of the people you already know, you can pass up the small talk, as you already have a base connection.

Get What You Give

Think of your top three goals, and then imagine how much easier to would be to reach them if you had a community to motivate, advise, and help you get where you want to be. Everything that you are right now, and everything that you want to accomplish can be magnified through the aid of a close-knit community. What’s the catch? Well, to get the most out of any community you must care about the members of your group. You must maintain relationships and help others attain their goals, but we already know that helping others creates happiness, so reciprocity is rarely a struggle once you’ve found a group you can be comfortable with.

Strength in Numbers

You will become a more accomplished individual if you ditch your isolation in exchange for the cooperation, trust, and shared identity of joining a community. You will become a more productive member of society if you turn to community to support your dreams, secure your interests, and ultimately drive your own happiness.

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