Staff Picks: Your 2013 Life Path Psychics

What is Your Life Path in 2013?

It’s a new year, and it’s a good time to think about where you’re headed. You might already know, but you might need some confirmation if the path is worth taking. You’re willing to do the work and you might need some insights along the way. Others might need some help figuring out next steps. In any case, these psychics can help shine a light on your path ahead.

Psychic Carya ext. 5729

She reads in many areas, but loves helping people get “unstuck” emotionally from past experiences. She wants nothing from the past to hinder the progress of your spirit, emotions and relationships. A no-tools reader, Carya meditates on your situation and may ask you about what she picks up. Information pertaining to you and yours psychically downloads into her head and then scenes flash before her eyes. She also hears words and sometimes experiences your emotions along with you. Move past your roadblocks with a reading from Psychic Carya and see what it really feels like to achieve your dreams.

Psychic Rogers ext. 5327

Check out the latest interview with Rogers and how he helps you find your true calling. Rogers uses voice vibration to pick up your auric hue, then uses the Tarot to confirm his insights. He is fluent in English, Hindi, and Bengali—his native tongue. He skillfully provides career and financial insight. He’s also well versed in Indian mythology which he quotes in readings. Rogers is confident that his readings will lead you to the right decisions for your prosperous future! Find the answers you’re looking for with a life path reading from Psychic Rogers.

“Humans have a blind spot to see their own inventories, but a psychic can see the inventories and then show them to take one step at a time.” – Psychic Rogers ext. 5327

Psychic Chastity ext. 5403

By hearing you say your name, date of birth and question, she is able to connect with your energy and channels the answers you seek. She shares her psychic information to aid your discovery of the next step that can bring about fulfillment of your dreams. Check out her article on how to get unstuck in your life (and then call her for a personalized reading!) If it’s time to get unstuck in your life, then it’s time for a life-altering reading from Psychic Chastity.

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