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 Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny

Your mind can determine your destiny. If at first it seems impossible, know that having positive thoughts can make for a positive reality, but having negative thoughts can create a negative reality, and you will find yourself two steps further away from reaching your goals. What if you could listen to some good advice on how to fake self-confidence? Could you actually fool your heart long enough to become a believer? Yes and no.

A Smidgen of Honesty and Truth

The idea of faking your success until you become successful is popular in the self-help arena, and for a good reason. It is something that most of us can do. We all know how to smile at Grandma as she pushes a plate of petrified fruitcake in our direction, and say, “Yes, please.” We understand that sometimes it is better to smile at our lover and nod approvingly as they unveil their new, neon-colored hairdo. You’re good at faking it when you need to, but as it turns out, it may not always be good for you.

Research shows that by forcing a smile, you can actually begin to feel happy. However, further studies suggest that a person must actually be thinking happy thoughts for this to work over the long run. Studies with customer complaint operators have concluded that faking happiness during an unhappy situation only causes more stress. An unhappy bus driver who tells themselves every day that things are great will end up depleting their positive energy, and feeling even more depressed than before.

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Faking vs. Becoming

The problem with faking anything is that simply appearing one way does not change the person enough to make an idea into a reality. In order to create your destiny, you must first change the person within and here are a few tips to accomplish this:

Interpret Fear as Excitement

Fear and excitement are two very closely related feelings. Regardless of which you are experiencing, it is always better to weigh heavily on the side of enthusiasm. This is a good way to focus your adrenaline towards a positive outcome, rather than a negative. No matter how much you fake it, nothing positive will ever come from negative thinking.

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Put Yourself in a Power Position

Studies suggest that how you hold your body can have an effect on your overall hormone levels. In other words, initiating a more-powerful-appearing stance can boost testosterone levels, thus helping to influence you to take bigger risks and improve your chances of fulfilling a positive destiny.

Failing Forward

Negative thinkers see anything in life that does not work out as failure. Positive thinkers try to learn from those mistakes, and use that knowledge to develop a skill.

When Faking Becomes a Skill

There is a difference between telling co-workers that you’re a good speaker, when you have no experience, versus telling yourself that you can fake it enough to write and deliver a successful speech. The first thought is deceitful to yourself and others, while the second is applauding a skill set you’ve developed.

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Fake it Until You Become it

Rather than relying on destiny to take notice of your actions, and turn them into a reality, take note of the actions of others who exemplify who you wish to become, and then change from within. In this scenario, you are not just creating an imaginary character, but rather building on your existing one. For instance, let’s say you want to become a more compassionate person. You could either stand in front of a mirror and work on your sympathetic facial expressions, or push yourself to take part in a food drive.

Negative Comments Aren’t Always Directed at You

One day you’re renewed ego will be challenged by a naysayer. You will need to see beyond the negativity and understand that there is power and freedom in believing in yourself. You are in control of who you are (and who you will become), and should never let others dictate your goals and happiness.

Some people call it faking, others prefer the word, experimentation. Regardless of what you call it, you can increase your chances of “making it” by learning how to boost your decisiveness, passion, goal-orientation and boldness. In other words, you must first make the decision to believe you can be successful, foster the passion to practice and then harvest the boldness to follow the footsteps towards your destiny until you eventually become successful.

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