DreamCast: Past and Present Relationships

(All in a Dream)

Q: I’ve been having these bad dreams. I don’t know if you can help, but in my dreams either my ex is shooting himself or I’m undressing myself and nobody around me, including my current boyfriend, notices. I’ve been trying to find out what they mean, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.

Celika Rive in Ottawa

A: Hi Celika,

It seems to me that you’re struggling with some issues about your past and present relationships. Oftentimes, bad dreams are just trying to get our attention by shocking us into looking at problems we’re unaware of or ignoring.

First, let’s look at the dream about your ex. As I see it, he either represents himself in your dream, in which case you may be intuiting that he’s depressed, hurt or feeling guilty about causing problems in your relationship. Or, he may represent your own feelings about the breakup. Are you still angry with him? Or angry with yourself? If so, then you still have some healing to do and most likely some forgiveness as well.

As for not being noticed while undressing, I wonder if that describes how you feel when you reveal things about yourself to your boyfriend; that is, ignored. Or perhaps you feel he’s losing interest in you sexually. That may not be true in reality, but you may still feel unappreciated by him, for whatever reason. Sounds like it’s time to talk to your sweetie about your needs – and his – in the relationship.

Sweet dreams,

(Is it Love?)

Q: I am starting to get involved with a very old friend from my youth (we haven’t seen each other in 30 years!). He says I am his soulmate and he wants to be with me for a long, long time. We have only been seeing each other for three weeks at the most! He seems so sure and wants me to meet his family, etc. This is moving too fast for me and yet I seem to be leaping in. Is this the right man for me? I am a Taurus (May 3, 1957) and he is a Pisces (March 8, 1957).

Andrea in Langley

A: Hello Andrea,

Even though he’s an old friend, you’re in a brand new relationship with him. Because you’re a down-to-earth Taurus, you need to know if your romantic Pisces has staying power. Let’s see if he does!

First, your sun signs are in harmony, a good start. Water (Pisces) nurtures earth (Taurus) and can produce a sympathetic, supportive relationship. Moreover, you have Mercury and Venus also in Taurus, so your communication style and affectionate nature are compatible with his sensitive Mercury and Venus in Pisces. As for differences, you’re ultra-practical, whereas he may have trouble keeping his feet on the ground. On the plus side, his idealistic nature can inspire your creative, spiritual side. Next, you have moon (emotions) in changeable Gemini or homey Cancer, depending on your time of birth. His moon is in Gemini. The catch might be that his Pisces-Gemini nature may be overly adaptable and appear weak to a Taurus. Fortunately, his Mars in Taurus gives him some practicality and strength. Even better, his Mars hooks up with your Venus, a strong indicator of sexual compatibility.

Hopefully, turning this friendship into a love affair will mean many hours of sensual massages, fine dining, and bedroom trysts with your sweetie.

Best of luck to you both,

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