Spiritual Insights: Your Past Life’s Love Life

Donna from Roanoke, Virginia writes:

I have a re-occurring dream of being captured as a young Native American woman by another tribe. It seems like the feelings I had for the native male who captured me aren’t typical of the feelings of a captive for her captor. Also, I started having these dreams after meeting the man I am with now.

Also, when I am in a state of great stress, I feel the presence close by of a friend of mine who was murdered. I also sense a female in my house, and I can smell lavender when I sense her.

Am I losing my mind, or is there something I should be getting from these dreams? Also are these my spirit guides? Also, when I meditate I see a wolf who stays with me the whole time I am meditating.

I am confused as to why this happens to me, and some people believe I am strange. Please help me to understand if they are right.

Thank you for your help.

Dear Donna,

You know, it’s kind of sad, but apparently it’s going to take a while longer for the rest of the world to catch up with those of us who are psychically sensitive, and, unfortunately, until then, you’ll run in to people who think you’re strange. Luckily, any time you want to feel part of a large crowd of people who are on the same page, you can join the CaliforniaPsychics.com blog crew!

As you’ve probably guessed, your wolf is a spirit guide/power animal, and a privilege to have as an escort and protector for your inner journeys. The woman with the lavender fragrance is also a guide, one who actually has been with you since you were born. And your murdered friend is one of your most powerful and advanced guides, a being with phenomenal soul strength and wisdom to share with you.

Of course, your Native American dreams are an outpicturing of memories you have from past lives with your current man. Interestingly enough, it seems as though what you’re dreaming is a combination of two different life experiences, one, which was actually quite lovely, occurred when you were both Native American. In the other lifetime you each belonged to warring factions, and he abducted you. Your dream self has combined these memories to make you aware of both the blessings you and your man can call on, and the pitfalls which you can overcome together this time around. When worries arise from the abduction memories, see them in the context of your many lifetimes together, and you’ll be fine.

And you might want to keep track of Uranus after it enters the sign of Aries this week. It will most likely trigger some intense awakenings for you over the coming year, probably building on events and insights that unfolded between January 2009 and October 2010. It’ll be exciting stuff!

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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Insights: Your Past Life’s Love Life

  1. Leisha Gibbons

    This is interesting stuff 😀 Verbena is alot of people experiencing their past lives more frequently in this age in comparison to before?

    I remember I used to talk to this irish guy on fb and experienced this sense of odd recognition, he would tell me what he thought of religion how he didnt believe in god. Then when I went to sleep I had a dream I was a native american woman walking on barefoot and I encountered a white man gold miner (which was the irish guy) we became good friends and later I became his lover and wife I believe. Even in the dream he seemed to be srpitiually conflicted in not knowing what to believe.


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