Psychic Ophelia Has Passed Away

Psychic Ophelia Has Passed Away

In Memory of Psychic Ophelia

With heavy hearts, we share the news that Psychic Ophelia has passed away. Ophelia was a natural-born psychic whose abilities were nurtured during her childhood by a loving grandmother. She was a professional reader for over five decades and her vast life experience made it easy for her to help others. Prior to her work with California Psychics, Ophelia estimated that she had given some 20,000 readings and made thousands of radio, TV, newspaper, and magazine appearances. Psychic Ophelia had worked with California Psychics since late 2016.

Here’s what some of Psychic Ophelia’s customers had to say about reading with her:

“Ophelia has a true gift. She sees into my soul each time I read with her. I can’t ask for anything better than a reading with her.”

“Wow! She knew about my issues involving work and my knee! Amazing! Ophelia is amazing! She really knows what she’s talking about! Truly my favorite! I love our rapport! She is accurate and to the point! Gives great advice in all matters. Ophelia is sweet and has a great sense of humor. Love her!!!”

“I’m so glad to speak with Ophelia. She is the best! We have such an amazing connection! I love her to pieces. She is accurate! Picks up details on people, situations, and past and upcoming events. Wow! Amazing! Many of her predictions came to fruition. Gives great advice and is very funny!”

“Thank you, Ophelia, for navigating and guiding me through a tough situation. You told me when I would hear about a job and your prediction came true. Very accurate predictions!”

In Psychic Ophelia’s own words:

“A psychic should be able to give you direction and lay out a path that will lead you to a better life. Remember, you have a mind and you need to use it, so I expect you to play an active role in your life.”

From Ophelia’s husband of 30 years:

“Even when she was sick, she would still help people,” he said. “You had to have met her to know how wonderful she was.”

Ophelia was a cherished member of the California Psychics family during her brief time with us and we won’t soon forget her.

4 thoughts on “Psychic Ophelia Has Passed Away

  1. Nevaeh

    My heartfelt thoughts go out to Terilyn’s family and friends. She was always a bright light on our site. One day we shall meet again. Love and light. Nevaeh 5203

  2. Mercedes

    I am certain she has gone to a place where she will continue to serve and help other beings. Love and blessings to her family as they process their loss.

  3. Psychic Mystique ex. 6864

    So sorry to hear this news. Even if we don’t all know one another, we can certainly feel the sting of losing a fellow LIGHT. Rest on sister…Rest on! ***LOVE & LIGHT***

  4. Psychic Mystique ex. 6864

    So sad to hear. Bless her soul… Thanks for your service with us. Your spirit family down here will miss you! We’re a team & even if we don’t all know one another directly, we can still feel the sting of losing a LIGHT.


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