Are You Hotter Than You Think?

We spend so much time focusing on the negatives. If you don’t like your nose, your freckles or your derriËre, you can be sure that’s all you’ll see in the mirror. Never mind your sparkling eyes, your seductive hips or your secretive smile. Yet that’s what others see when they look at you. Don’t hide your finer attributes behind self consciousness. You (and the rest of the world) are missing out on you!

34% of men and 38% of women are not happy with their appearance, according to Psychology Today. Other sources project much higher figures. The Social Issues research center estimates that 8 out of 10 women are unhappy with their bodies, and that more than half of these see a distorted image when they look in the mirror.

Take a look at the nearest billboard or magazine over, and it’s hard to wonder why our perspective is skewed. Our culture celebrates a fairly narrow concept of beauty, and even that is embellished. But before you buy into the million-dollar looks of faux housewives and police officers, look a little more closely. Keep in mind that when what is attractive is established by magazines and move stars, it’s also crafted with body doubles and air brushes.

If you’re like most people, you spend more time telling yourself you’re imperfect than celebrating the natural sex appeal that is yours. Which is doubly tragic, because not only are you missing out on how thrilling it can be to feel attractive, but study after study shows that people who believe they’re hotter, are. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen yourself as uniquely desirable, try taking these simple tips to heart.

Learn to see yourself the way those who love you see you
It’s no line. The people who love you don’t see you the way you do. Even if your self image is healthy, you’d better bet people around you see a version of you that would make you blush! Why not come around to their side?

Be careful what you wish for
If you’re critical of the way you look now, chances are you wouldn’t be happy with what you want if you got it. Women who finally drop dreaded pounds wish they’d appreciated their sexy curves. Men who bulk up find it isn’t all it was bulked up to be. Being hot is a state of mind. Own it!

Choose a favorite
Find a favorite feature of yours–maybe you’ve always loved your lips or people are always telling you that you have great legs — and flaunt it! Treat yourself to a new lip gloss or a tight pair of jeans, and keep your secret weapon in mind whenever you want to feel confident or sexy.

Shake things up
Little changes can make you feel new, adventurous and playful. It will also force others to take notice. A new hair cut can give your self image an instant lift, as can experimenting with different styles. Aim to step out of your comfort zone: if you’re a jeans and sweater type, experiment with scarves and boots. Break out of your usual color scheme, and feel radiant.

Don’t wait for perfection
Never wait until you lose five pounds before you update your wardrobe. And when you walk around in baggy sweats because you don’t want to be seen, you won’t be. Too often we spend time trying to improve ourselves or waiting to get back to a way we looked before. Accentuate your assets right now!

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