Buy, Sell or Trade Your Guy?

When we’re making decisions about our relationships, the word strategic rarely comes up. But what if we’ve got it all wrong? There are a lot of contenders out there, and if you’re betting everything on one guy, you’d better believe you’re in for a high-risk game. Who’s to say we’re backing the right player? Take a look at how big of an asset your man is to your fantasy roster — is he an all-star keeper or is it time to make a trade?

Evaluate Your Pick
Just because your guy’s not a superstar wide receiver doesn’t mean you should toss him. Our players have important assets that can surprise us, and you don’t underestimate the value of an exceptional tight end. Seriously, take a hard, well-rounded look at your man when you’re making a strategic evaluation. Does he make you happy? Can you spend time together doing things you both love? Do you respect who he is, and can he put you first? Everyone fumbles from time to time, but when you take a look at his flaws, does the good outweigh the bad? In other words, can he come out ahead on a fair cost analysis?

Checking the Stats
As you decide whether to start him or bench him, take a look at his past and expected performance. What are the biggest drawbacks the two if you have faced, and (if you can’t live with the constant replay) how can you expect those to change in the future? Remember to watch how he treats his friends, his family and complete strangers. These are good indications of what you can expect once infatuation gives way to familiarity. If he’s a recent add, you may not have much to go on yet, but it doesn’t take long to get an idea of whether he’s a good emotional investment. And there’s always a chance that he’s a great guy, but doesn’t fit your lifestyle or meet your needs. A relationship is a team effort, and like any team, it has to have the right chemistry if it’s going to succeed.

Making the Drop
If you suspect he’s not right for you, don’t drop him lightly. Remember, once you let him go, he’s a free agent, and you have to be sure you can handle him starting for someone else’s team. That being said, if he’s not looking like a winner, you’ve got nothing to lose. There’s no use keeping him on for another season if you know he’s going to hurt you — or rather, your team — again.

Filling the Spot
Alright, so you’ve benched, traded or dropped your guy. What’s to be done about the gaping hole in your roster? It’s time to look at the reserve players. You know the ones. We’re talking about the hottie at your office and the well-dressed number you keep running into at the coffee shop–you’ve been keeping an eye them him all season. It may turn out that your quarterback didn’t live up to his star status, but you could have a dark horse on the sidelines just waiting for a chance to shine. Of course, if your bench players don’t look promising, there are plenty of fish in the free-agent pool. If your best man didn’t turn out to be a keeper, you’re in a perfect position to re-draft. It’s prime time to get out there and pick a winner!

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