Lover’s Quarrel Leads to Better Sex

Follow Fighting With Fondling

Believe it or not, a fight with your lover can lead to better sex. While constant bickering usually signifies more serious problems in a relationship, an occasional lover’s spat can—and often does—have its benefits in the bedroom as well as out. Here are just a few reasons why this is so!

The Perfect Adrenaline Cocktail

When a heated argument erupts between romantic partners, powerful emotions come into play like anxiety, anger, and vulnerability, all of which can set the scene for some really intense make-up sex. These strong emotions sharpen nerve-endings and get the blood pumping—all physical sensations which can easily metamorphose into sexual intercourse.

Airing Out Dirty Laundry

Arguments allow couples the opportunity to release pent-up frustrations and to communicate more openly. At the conclusion of an argument, it is quite natural for both partners to feel closer to one another after opening up about other issues that have been troubling them. Having sex right after a squabble allows the two of you to revel in a newfound closeness and can make the sexual experience more passionate. Furthermore, resolving problems through an argument frees up any resentments, which may have put a hitch in your sexual stride as a couple.

“Honesty is an important component in any relationship.” – Giovanna ext. 5214

Assertive is Sexy

It’s invariably attractive to witness any person, particularly your partner, displaying the strength of character required to stand up for themselves when necessary. Bossy, controlling jerks need not apply, however, having the confidence to assert your needs in a respectful way can be very sexy. The two of you going toe-to-toe with words can easily segue into in a similar, more gratifying scenario between the sheets!

“Sex can be very emotional, but remember to look at sex in a practical view too so that it won’t dictate how you think you feel emotionally. If you can enjoy a person with or without sex, then that’s a special connection.” – Leo ext. 5265

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24 thoughts on “Lover’s Quarrel Leads to Better Sex

  1. Natali

    It’s true for a while, then you will find yourself tending to have the same quarrels in a worse way over and over again . And to gratify each other your squabbles will turn into a bigger. And your arguing by increasing a patient’s stress, anxiety and pain will bring you mad. But the most passionate and intense sex is for those who are really in love. Connecting on that level greatly heightens all aspects of making love emotionally, intellectually and physically.

  2. Sandra H

    I can actually say i had one experience of sex after a heated argument, i just can’t remember when the argument stopped and the make up sex began. This happen about 11yrs. ago, the guy was basically a good friend, not too much love, but we did like each other and the sex between us was always good and it must have been great that night because my mattress was partly on the floor when we woke up the next morning. Nevertheless, i don’t know how i really feeling about sex after an argument, i guess it really does depends on the persons, how much they are in love and what the argument was about. PEACE AND BLESSINGS!!

  3. -quinn ext. 5484

    make up sex is great no doubt about it. but imho it can lead to a pattern very much like a s and m movie.
    sooner or later the fights gets bigger, the distance before making up gets longer. and the loving feelings to make love turn to rage to have sex to take the edge off, that is not making love.
    if you find you are in a revolving door of love and hate with the same person for a long time one day you will find you do not want to have sex, make love whatever to make it better. you will find one of you will be packing and leaving.
    you do not need to have a fight to make up to have good sex.
    in fact the more loving the more loving.
    just saying…

  4. valorie

    yes that is true and tested for me I have experienced it, and i would say that those moments or lets say lovemaking after a quarrel is one of the best time I have experienced with the love of my life. Really its very exciting,one night you both cant forget.

  5. Lena

    I think it is better to solve the difference before talking about sex otherwise the two wouldn’t enjoy so I think this wouldn’t be a very good advice.

  6. eman

    It depends on who you are with. I used to have a girlfriend who that would work perfectly. We would feel very much close together thereafter. With my current wife it does not happen, she says she can’t do it after an arguement.

  7. rose

    yes its true and i believe that if both of you enjoy each other with or without SEX its a special connection and its called LOVE!!!

  8. maryann C

    when i have a disagreement sex is the best way to make up and show your true feelings i love sex iam not afried to say that is the best way to make up maryann C

  9. Adoo ugoh

    Am not married yet but i dont think dis will work for me.i can only say it depend on d quarral.becose i will not allow u touch me not to tlk of sex.

  10. Adoo ugoh

    Am not married yet but i dont think dis will work for me.i can only say it depend on d quarral.becose i will not allow u touch me not to tlk of sex.

  11. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    For me personally, I don’t find fighting to enhance sex. However, taking steps to truly resolve conflict can do so. If an argument leads to actual resolution, I could find it helpful.

    Every one is different – to each his/her own!

    Reed 5105

  12. nemarc

    who said this is teaching or advice?? come on folks… this can POSSIBLY but NOT DEFINITELY happen
    better sex after quarrels might happen where partners truly love each other and have a very special connection, these couples are very rare.
    even so, it depends on quarrel`s reason as there`ll be NO sex when it`s about cheating. not so soon anyway!
    grow up u people and be nice and truthful to each other!

  13. huma afzaal

    agree, its true and value all your advice,they have helped alot,,remember girls he is the right one whom you can enjoy with or without sex

  14. Letty demata

    I have a problem with my boyfriend at this time we have a trouble b’coz of someone who disturbing our relationship,i can feel my boyfriend has a changes the way he treated me seems like just a normal friend not a lover,how could i supposed to make our relationship wil make the same as before we started wer inlove each other..please help me about this problem


    May be in America,& European countries,but definitely ,not in INDIA. So, you,western folks,pl keep quarreling,in AP(Arithmetic Progression),your Love in increase in GP(Geometric Progression),but the result may NOT be HP(Harmonic Progression).

    Pl keep these ideas,for heaven sake for yourselves.

  16. Deby

    Angry sex is not always the best sex. In my past experiences, sex after a fight typically does not happen. After an argument, sure. But that is after one of the parties gives in and apologizes. The best, most intense and passionate sex is when one is with someone that they really love. And there is lots of time set aside to be intimate emotionally, intellectually and physically. Connecting on that level greatly heightens all aspects of making love. Not just pent up frustration and left over adrenaline.

  17. barbra

    Thank you so much for airing this to me. I was in darkness but now everything seem to become clear nw.Once again thank you for this advice


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