Two Easy Steps to Block Negativity and Get Happy

Two Easy Steps to Block Negativity and Get Happy

Is Negativity Ruining Your Happiness?

We’ve all heard that being happy is a decision. While that is true, sometimes the ability to make the decision to be happy is blocked by the negative “hits” we often take from outside forces. Many of my callers ask me how to get unstuck from and push back against negativity. In my years of teaching meditation and working as a professional psychic, I have found that the old standbys of envisioning light and breathing techniques don’t always make for practical application and don’t always work for everyone. Have you tried these techniques before? If they you have, and they haven’t worked for you, let’s try something else right now! Here are two of my many practical “get happy” methods that I’ve taught over the last 30 years:

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Wear the Vest

I came up with this method while at the dentist! I was sitting in the chair, waiting to get x-rays, and they covered my chest with a heavy vest to protect me. It got me thinking about negative energy and how it usually hits us in the solar plexus or heart chakra—the precise areas covered by the vest! It gave me a great idea for a visualization technique to block negativity, and I am going to share it with you right now:

1. First, think of something that someone has done that has caused you to feel a negative emotion. Think about how that emotion makes you feel. Do you feel it in your abdomen and chest?

2. Next, sit down, close your eyes and feel the weight of a heavy, lead vest over your shoulders and covering your torso. Once you feel that weight, think back to that negative emotion I just asked you to think about. The feeling you had before wearing the “vest” was much stronger than the feeling you have now that the “vest” is on, right? Remember, nothing can get through this “vest,” so use it whenever you need to block negativity.

Box It Up

This technique is great for those of us who have experienced negativity as a result of childhood and adult relationships. It doesn’t matter how long ago it happened; if you don’t address this negativity, it’s going to continue to block your happiness. Here’s my method:

1. Get the following items together: one or more empty boxes, lots of packing tape, a bold marker, paper, pen and an empty, high shelf in your closet. If it’s a shelf in a closet you rarely open, that’s even better!

2. Taking pen and paper in hand, write down the first names of the people in your life who you feel have harmed you and why you feel that way. This is the hard part.

3. Make sure you have a box for each person on the list. Write their name on the outside of a box. Open the box and use your hands to metaphorically pull all the hurt out of your body that this person has caused you and stuff it into that box. Once you feel like you’ve gotten it all out, quickly close the box and tape it up.

4. Take that box and place it on a high shelf in your closet. Step outside the closet, close the door and see if the negativity you feel from that person is weaker than before you started this activity. You should feel lighter right away, and in time, even more lighter and less affected by the negativity. Do this for each name on your list. Eventually you will feel so free that you’ll be able to throw the box right in the trash.

These activities have worked for many people, and they could work for you too! If you’d like to learn more of my techniques, call me. Together, we can block negativity and get you happy!

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4 thoughts on “Two Easy Steps to Block Negativity and Get Happy

  1. Kelly

    I’ve read with Donna before and she gave great tools for me to use including the ones in this post. I used the “box it up” a year ago and that has helped me clear out so much negative emotion and anger that I carried for years. I can truly say that has made me happy! Thank you Donna!

  2. jeannie

    that’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. you can’t get over the kind of hurt i’ve experienced like that.


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