Your Weekend Horoscope: Turn Weakness Into Strength

Turn Weakness Into Strength

Transform Your Weaknesses With Your Weekend Horoscope!

When the Sun joins wounded healer Chiron in sensitive Pisces, your deepest wounds are easily triggered. The good news is that a stabilizing influence from potent Pluto provides the power to transform your weakness into strength. If you have what it takes to face your fears head on, this can be a time of incredible healing! Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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You may discover something about yourself that is rather shocking. It’s not that this development is something new, but the awareness of the issue may be new to you. This could be a key piece of the puzzle that helps you to understand and to heal a personal mystery.


A problem between you and a friend or perhaps a lack of meaningful friendships altogether might be a concern. Evaluate whether the people whom you are drawn to share your most important beliefs and viewpoints. You don’t need to agree on everything, but you need some shared values in order to get along.


You might be feeling as though you have fallen short of reaching the career goals that you have set for yourself and this makes you vulnerable in your professional world. Don’t be afraid to seek support. Your Weekend Horoscope says an influential figure could give you the boost that gets things back on track.


If you are lacking the education or official credentials required to do what you want to do, don’t just give up on your dreams. A partner or ally might be able to lend the support you need while you take the necessary steps to expand upon your skill set.


A lack of intimacy, either emotional or sexual, could leave you feeling unfulfilled and might have you questioning your desirability. Instead of looking at how you appear to others, take a closer look at how you really feel about yourself. Real improvement begins with a dose of radical self-love.


A relationship may reach the make-it-or-break-it stage. You feel vulnerable and that makes you want to pack up and run. That won’t solve your problems. Your Weekend Horoscope advises that you sit with your difficult feelings and commit to working things through. Focus on bringing fun and romance back into the picture, as this can be immensely healing.


Your energy is low and this makes you more vulnerable to stress-related illness or injury. The less secure you feel about certain work-related tasks, the harder you work to improve them, but putting in more hours is not the answer. A restful weekend spent with loved ones will recharge you.


A recent disappointment may have put you off romance. Your confidence is low and you’re not in the mood to deal with competition. Connect with someone who can give you the pep talk that helps you get back in the game. You need a reminder of all the strengths and admirable qualities you have to offer.


A sensitive issue pertaining to home or family may leave you feeling vulnerable or insecure. If it’s a problem that money can solve, then do what is required to take care of the issue. Even if the solution is intangible, you have what it takes to heal.


Your thoughts and speech have tremendous influence over your state of mind. If you’re feeling down, then pay attention to the language that you use both with others and with yourself. You are stronger now than you’ve been in a while, but your mental habits might be sabotaging your power. Time for an attitude adjustment!


Any financial insecurity you might be feeling now is a call to deal with money matters head-on and to get things back on track. You possess the ability to accomplish greater things and to make more money, but you will need to commit to fully developing a latent talent in order to succeed.


You are more sensitive than most and this might be a particularly vulnerable time, but don’t feel as if you need to prove something by managing a difficult situation on your own. It’s okay to ask for help. You have some very powerful friends and it’s time to seek their support and learn from their experience.

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