Can Meditation Increase Luck?

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Quiet Your Mind

If you ask any professional gambler what one attribute is most important for gambling success, they will tell you it is the ability to concentrate with such intensity as to turn off the rest of the entire world. These men and women are not only brilliant with calculating odds, but most of them also meditate several times a day. The ability to quiet the mind is vital to their success.

Imagine how your luck would change if, when approaching any kind of new experience, you were able to dispel any kind of insecurity or uncertainty and focus on the task at hand exclusively. With laser beam precision, you would be able to enter into that job interview or first date with the confidence of a conquering warrior. Can meditation create such scenarios? Absolutely!

Power of Meditation

The power of meditation has been utilized by countless civilizations and cultures throughout recorded history. Leaders such as Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan were reported to have engaged in deep meditation before a battle. Athletes of all disciplines know the importance of meditating before a competition. Martial artists acknowledge the need for meditation as they prepare for a match. In each scenario, the person meditating not only calms their mind, they see victory as an event that has already happened. If you believe it, you will see it!

Meditation, like the most vivid of nocturnal dreams, can open our perception into other dimensions and, by extension, realities. If it is true that we exist in a vast multiverse (as the majority of science is beginning to prove) then many possibilities are continually unfolding all around us. As we still our minds, we open up our ability to transcend our current reality and see a completely different perception. At that point, we see what needs to be adjusted in our present circumstance in order to elicit the desired end result.

How Useful Transcendental Meditation Is

When the transcendental meditation movement (known as TM) was initially introduced to the masses in the US, it seemed like some strange thing brought about by “hippies”. The truth is that TM has been around for centuries and has been proven to alter the collective consciousness (and unconsciousness) of everyone around the focal point of the practitioners. Meditation has been the basis for some of the greatest creations and discoveries in the past and will also continue to open passages of discovery for the future. Entire cultures have been changed by the collective power of meditation.

By its very definition, transcendental meditation offers the practitioner the ability to transcend the perceived limitations of the current applied reality. Just as the DMT molecule, when activated, transcends time and space, so does Transcendental Meditation. By focusing on your desired outcome, you can easily transcend the obstacles that rest between you and your goals.

Meditation doesn’t have to involve special places or clothing, or a great deal of time. Once you acquaint yourself with transcendental meditation, you can take your mind and spirit to the point of transcendence quite easily and quickly. It requires a great deal of practice and concentration, but you will notice how much better prepared you are when you address future (former) challenges. Your luck will have changed because you have changed it in another reality, another dimension. Your meditation has allowed you to actually transcend time and space.

Luck is Constantly Being Studied

Luck has long been studied and contemplated by some of the world’s greatest minds. From mathematicians to mystics, the idea of “luck” has been dissected, analyzed and deeply considered. Is there a variable that grants some people more good fortune than others? What are the laws of probability and how do they apply? Many complex questions are still remaining unproved with any conclusive data.

As a professional psychic, often I have been asked why I can’t predict the winning lottery numbers or what horse will win a certain race. Although personally, I am no stranger to games of chance, I also know that it is a very rare thing to be pinpointedly accurate when it comes to such events. I believe that we, as psychics, are not supposed to have such information. If we could predict such information, it would not only put our lives in danger, it would give greed, envy and egotism carte blanche. The more things are handed to you, the more often you ignore their true importance. Studies have shown that most lottery winners are actually in worse financial shape within five years of their “luck” change than they were before they won the lottery.

Luck can be believed to be a thing that comes to you through a series of superstitious adherence to a prescribed set of actions (rabbit foot, avoiding black cats, etc.) or it can be approached in the light of science and experience. By using meditation as the engine to change your life, you take control of your luck and direct the outcome toward your desired goals.

Meditation can indeed change your luck. However, it will change your life first. Then it will let you see how YOU have changed your life and good fortune.

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  1. Lenny

    I have been reading everywhere in psychic and metaphysical blogs how important meditation is to be able to do anything. Meditate meditate meditate. However I’m no good at it. How exactly does one meditate? What should I be thinking about? When I’m secluded and relax, my brain goes into overdrive on its own (I know that’s an Aquarian thing) thinking of all sorts of things. I’ve tried guided meditations from the internet. I focus on my breathing and count my breaths. But doing that isn’t really what I’d call “meditating”. How does one “quiet the mind” and achieve transcendental meditation?


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