Clean Your House, Clean Your Mind!

There’s no getting around it: Breaking up is hard to do. Your heart is broken, your dreams shattered, and your hope swiftly slipping away. That’s why starting over after a breakup can be daunting. But life does go on, and if you view moving – or creating a new space where you already live – as an opportunity to heal, you’ll actually be inspired to move on!

Emotional cleanse
Sure it sucks, but once you get going you’ll feel relieved! The first, and probably toughest, bit of housecleaning is gathering up all of the items that remind you of your ex-lover. This means photos, gifts, cards, clothes, music, DVDs, text messages and emails – anything and everything! And, yes, that means getting rid of their email in your address book and deleting their number from your cell phone (trust us, you will regret any messages or emails you send at weak moments – and you will have them!). If it was a particularly bad breakup, block their email address and change your phone number. Starting anew requires a willingness to let go of the past, something you can do.

Hang on
Don’t toss all those relationship items into the trash, even if you’re feeling angry about the breakup. Instead, put them in a box that you don’t see very often (in a garage or the back of your closet). After three months, go through these items and observe your feelings as you sort. Are you still highly emotional? Go ahead and allow the tears to fall. Crying cleanses the soul. This will be a good gauge as to how fast you’re healing.

Is it time to throw away this stuff? If the answer is no, put it all out of sight again and repeat the ritual in another three months, if necessary. Then, continue every three months until you can sort through your relationship stuff without crying. At that point, decide which items, if any, enhance your current life. Keep those and then either throw away, sell or donate the rest. As you get rid of them, take a moment to give thanks for the lessons learned from that relationship and the breakup. Wish your ex the best and truly shut the door.

Physical cleanse
Whether you’re moving to a new home or rearranging your current one, now is a good time to clear out items you don’t use. So you think it’s all useful? Think again. The general rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used or worn something in a year, get rid of it (unless, of course, it’s an annual holiday item). Be realistic about clutter that you think you might need or read “some day.” Does some day ever really come? Could someone else use that stuff now? Hanging on to things from the past keeps you in the past. That’s not where the healing happens.

Once you’re left with only the things that are presently important to you, deep clean your home. Be brave and burn some calories! Don’t just vacuum the carpet, shampoo it. Dust the high places. Move the furniture and clean under it. Wash or replace window coverings and shower curtains. With each dustpan of dirt or bucket of dirty water that you dump, you’ll feel the particles of the past disappearing.

Your sacred space
When the physical cleaning is done, it’s time to clear the air – literally – by burning sage smudge sticks and sweet grass. Sage clears away old energy, and sweet grass attracts new, positive energy, the kind you need to start fresh. Burn incense to bring in sacred energy and buy new candles to create white light and calming energy.

Feng shui
Finally, apply principles of feng shui to encourage harmony in your home, your life and yourself. To find the specific power places in each room, stand in the main door and look in. The middle of the wall along the doorway represents your career. Look to the immediate right. That corner empowers benefactors (representing help from other people). Then the space between that corner and the corner in the far right is related to children. That far right corner represents marriage. The wall directly opposite of where you’re standing is for fame or other recognition. Then the corner in your far left is the wealth spot. Continuing around the left, the wall between the wealth corner and the corner to your immediate left is the family area. The last power place is the corner to your immediate left, which is the knowledge spot.

Besides making sure each area is clean and free of clutter, you can enhance the energy flow by adding live plants, moving objects (such as mobiles), sound (such as chimes) and items that either produce light or reflect it (such as mirrors or crystals). Try to eliminate or at least soften any sharp points or jagged edges. Curves are the key to gently flowing energy.

Now, you’re completely ready to attract new love into your life! Be sure to put the colors red, pink, or white in the marriage corner. Also, two matching solid items, such as a set of bookends, in the marriage corner will reinforce the idea of partnership. That wasn’t so bad, was it? With a clean house and clear mind, your heart will heal faster and feel light again. To find out who is on the horizon to share your new home with, call one of our psychics today for a reading.

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