Create Your “I Want” List

Achieve Your Dreams

So many of us do not say or ask for what we want. We may want all sorts of things, whether material or not, but we continue to neglect our innermost desires because we think we will appear selfish. This is how we rob ourselves of success and accomplishments on a daily basis. When we ignore what we want for the sake of what others think about us, we are jeopardizing our spiritual, mental and psychical health.

It is time to make a list of everything you want and work towards getting it all. What you want doesn’t have to be material. Most of the time when others make this list almost all of their “I wants” are not material things. Here are a few ways that creating this list will benefit your everyday life and allow you to experience a quality life.

A Sense of Confidence

By making this list of everything you want to achieve in life you will be giving some importance to who you are as a person on this earth. You will be putting yourself first by taking the time for yourself to write down this list, therefore, taking care of your own needs. When we take care of ourselves we create an air of confidence that can only come from within.

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Asking the Universe

When you create your “I want” list you are directly putting your needs into the universe. You are asking for your needs to be met and the universe has an amazing way of listening to our needs and fulfilling them.

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A Reminder of What is Important

By creating an “I Want” list you are stating what is important to you. For example, if you want achievement, love, success or friendship, it clearly shows how important these experiences in life are to you. Your “I Want” list says a lot about you as a human being and shares a deeper side of yourself with the world. It is important to remember what you value and recognize what will truly make you happy.

One Step at a Time

When you create a list you are moving towards your goal of having everything you have ever wanted.  The more you read over this list, the easier it will be to recognize that each item on the list is gradually appearing because you took action. Action truly does speak a thousand words and if you start with this one step of creating your list, you are on your way.

An “I Want” list is an extremely important tool where your quality of life is concerned. It can change your path in the cosmic universe and alter who you are as an individual. Move towards achieving your dreams and what you thought was impossible by creating an “I Want” list first and say it to yourself in the mirror every day.

Many of the items stated on your list will come true for you because you are focusing on your own needs for once rather than everyone else’s. It may seem like such a small task, but it actually requires a lot of effort to create an honest and direct list of your needs, wants and desires. Watch as your life unfolds into a beautiful journey that takes care of all of your needs along the way. Make your list!

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2 thoughts on “Create Your “I Want” List

  1. marie

    all I ever wanted was for my boys to love me gave them all they could ever ask for gave my youngest son 28 thousand dollars now doing without at 61 years old wont even give me a hello lost and forgotton he knows he get all I have when I gone OOOOOOH GOD TAKE ME NOW

  2. Elena

    Dear Caralatta,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful article.
    I take my first step towards the life i want.


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