Jealousy Destroys Your Life

Focus Your Fury

Jealousy is subjective. What triggers your envious emotions isn’t going to trigger someone else. That’s because as individuals we have individual soft spots. And as shocking as it may seem, jealousy is rarely linked to the present situation—you know, the one you’re obsessing over like a freak! Instead, it stems from past experiences, most frequently, anger, fear and/or humiliation.

The good news is, if you can focus your fury on getting to the root of your feelings (rather than on replaying the fears consciously or subconsciously associated with the past) you can stop it from destroying your life!

Here are three tips for exploring your envious urges and eradicating them once and for all!

1. Ask: Who’s In Control – You Or Your Ego?

For better and worse, we’ve all got egos. The catch is, they’re not inherent parts of our beings (like our spirits, intellects and bodies), they’re created by our experiences. Thusly, when we let our egos compromise our thoughts and make our decisions, we lose track of reason and objectivity. A self-obsessed, ego-driven universe is a subjective place where jealousy is likely to arise because the tiniest perceived slight is an affront. But what if you could recognize that those offenses are in your mind? That you’re actually creating the problem instead of reacting to it? That by getting to the initial cause and retraining your consciousness, you can rid yourself of this pesky problem once and for all?

2. The Key Lies In Your Formative Experiences

Egos are born shortly after we’re born, in our early experiences of the world. If you were told (literally or figuratively) that you were in some way insufficient or lacking, unworthy or unvaluable, odds are that has remained a part of your consciousness (as your ego). This is the root cause of overt jealousy. Going through life without a fully developed sense of self-worth creates fear and anger regarding your own perceived inadequacy and how you’ll be treated as a result. Being cheated on/slighted/disregarded is both your biggest fear and what you expect to happen. As such, you wind up creating situations wherein it happens (or you project that it’s happening and drive people away). The only way around this negative, jealous voice is to recognize it as the liar it is, name it (my issue with x that came from y) and remember that it’s not real when it arises.

“Honor your own heart’s desire as strongly as you do others.” – Psychic Claire ext. 5242

3. Additionally, There’s A Lot To Be Said For Trust

It’s frightening to put your faith in someone else. But for those with the sorts of damaged egos that lead to excessive jealous behavior, it’s even scarier to trust yourself. However, the truth is, you have an innate value that goes beyond your ego’s understanding. And once you learn to respect yourself—truly, on a sincere and profound level—you’ll find your jealous feelings begin to subside. You’ll also find that you’re drawn to people who wouldn’t dream of compromising your trust. This may have been the case all along, but now you’re clear enough to see it.

“Be willing to be open and ready to receive because what you are asking for is also looking for you.” – Psychic Faith ext. 9608

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4 thoughts on “Jealousy Destroys Your Life

  1. Aimee

    It was eye opening and life changing when I realized that those most jealous of me and wishing me ill-will were my own family. I learned to never tell them anything till it was completed. As in not telling them I was in school, but telling them when I finished the degree.
    I am proud to be jealous free. Except for long legs, I still wish I had them and am jealous of those who do. 🙂

  2. Cindi

    Very eye opening for me! I’ve been struggling with some personal issues over certain behaviors that my fiance has, and this has opened my eyes to seeing what the actual issue is. I always knew that his behavior wasn’t wrong and that it was my issues with it that were causing the problem I was having. Knowing now the root of the problem is going to allow me to work through my issues so much faster and easier!

    Thank you so much for posting this!

  3. Kallista, ext. 9623

    This is excellent. Thank you for all the wonderful articles you write, S. K. Smith. You help change lives for the better. Blessings to you! Kallista

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I try to stay away from jealous and passive/aggressive types of people……….

    I , personally speaking, feel that trust AND loyalty important factors in any relationship…..if I can’t trust somebody, I keep them at arm’s length or cut them out of my life entirely.


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