Paying Karmic Debt

Mind & Body: Managing Your Karma

If you want to pay your karmic debt, you can do so by taking action every day. Karma is translated as “action,” and is a Sanskrit word. It portrays the Buddhist idea that “You will receive what you give.” Other people say, “What you put out into the world will come back to you.” To pay karmic debt isn’t about material and financial means. It is about ridding yourself of all negativity and negative actions with the good intentions of paying off your karmic debt. If you are wondering how you can pay off your karmic debt, check out these actions and tips below to cleanse yourself and rid yourself of any debt that you do not want to return to you.

Stop the Negativity in its Tracks

If you find that your thoughts are consumed with negativity, purge these thoughts and try to replace them with positive ones. For example, if its dark and rainy outside, be thankful that there aren’t any life-threatening tornadoes or hurricanes. If you are upset with the outcome of a meal you just made for the family, instead of criticizing it and pulling it apart, think of how lucky you and your family are to have food on the table.

Offer Compassion to Others

When you are trying to pay off your karmic debt, make an effort to give compassion to others. Show that you care about the other people in your life and offer help, advice and unconditional love. Be compassionate to strangers as well as your loved ones and close friends. Live your life with compassion and forgiveness and you will purge your karmic debt in no time.

See the Beauty in the World

We tend to take way too much for granted in this life. We walk by and ignore the beauty that surrounds us whether it is a river, the ocean, a colorful garden, fresh baked bread or kids playing innocently in a playground. Stop and smell the roses. See this world for what it truly is and without negativity. It is time to start seeing just how amazing our world is and all the beauty that lies within it. By really appreciating what our world offers us, you can get rid of karmic debt once and for all.

Practice Goodness

Take action and practice showing your appreciation on a daily basis. Acknowledge your mistakes, regrets and any pain you may have caused by apologizing to those you have hurt. Then let go of it. Don’t hold onto it as it will only attract more negativity into your world. Learn from mistakes and make an effort to be good to others and make an effort where it is needed. One act of goodness can dissolve a batch of negative ones.

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Open Your World to Others

Get rid of the walls and ignorance and open yourself up to others more. You can be free of karmic debt if you offer your help to others and if you communicate with others. Give of yourself and allow other people to enter your world. Mingle. Don’t be afraid to trust others and let them get to know you. Erase karmic debt through becoming a better version of yourself with a conscious effort to love more and open your mind up to new journeys.

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There are a variety of ways to rid yourself of karmic debt, but don’t be fooled into thinking there is an overnight ‘fix’. You must take the time and make the effort to make some changes and be conscious of them. The more you walk through life aware and with appreciation, the more you will be able to pay off your karmic debt through goodness.

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3 thoughts on “Paying Karmic Debt

  1. Psychic Makenna ext.5791

    Very good information Natasha. Something that rang a bell in me when I came across it was to “go through difficult times with as much grace as possible” as these usually are times when we meet up with “karma” to understand it. The more you realize what it is, the more you can learn by observing it, rather than carrying it.

  2. Pam

    Thank you for explaining Karmic Debt! Now I know I am on the right path!!! It seems everything I am aiming for, strength is somehow given to me. Whether it be from reading blogs such as this or from one of my many inspirational friends on FB. Thank you!


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