Spiritual Insights: Psychic Development

Building and Growing Your Psychic Abilities

Caren from Atlanta, Georgia writes:

At the encouragement of one of my psychics, I have been taking psychic development courses over the last four months. I love the classes that take place over a weekend each month, and have learned so much. As much as I try, I don’t feel I am making a connection with my guides or the spirit world. Will this connection happen later for me or am I wasting my time? In the meantime, I will continue my studies and hope that one day the light bulb will go on.

Dear Caren,

When I look at your situation, I see a very fragile, transparent, membrane-like substance between you and the spirit world. This veil has apparently been muffling or damping down your very real abilities.

Your angels and guides gave me some very specific suggestions to help you remove this last, fragile obstacle using one of the easiest and quickest ways to open the door to other realms: your imagination. While you create the working space detailed below, be sure to use all your senses – sight, sound, taste, smell and touch or feeling/knowing.

For starters, your spirit partners suggest that you begin any session where you wish to contact the spirit world, or your guides in particular, by imagining yourself literally turning on a light bulb. You can create whatever you want, from a simple, crude bulb and pull chain hanging from the ceiling to something high-tech, as long as it provides broad illumination rather than spotlighting a small area.

Next, they want you to imagine a place to go regularly to begin building your spiritual working relationships. It can be indoors or out, a room, a temple, a circle of standing stones, a sacred well… whatever feels powerful and sacred to you. But when you first begin the work there needs to be some kind of curtain, veil or membrane to provide you with something concrete (well, something imaginarily concrete) to work with to transform your obstruction.

It’s good to go to the same place each time, although you will probably notice it evolving at various stages of your work, beginning with your obstacle. I’m told that the veil or membrane will be transformed into a tool to help your development… and then a guide laughed and recommended that you don’t try to figure out what it will be, because (he said) you’ll never guess, not in a million years.

The final recommendation from your guides is that you remember that each one of your senses is a psychic channel. Apparently different guides will contact you through different senses, so you’ll hear one, see another, smell the fragrance of yet another.

So, your steps are: 1. Imagine the light bulb and the workplace; 2. Invite your angels and guides to join you; 3. Tune into your senses; and 4. Follow the White Rabbit down the hole into Wonderland!

Oh, and in case you’re still wondering? You haven’t been wasting your time!

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